Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 521

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The car continued to shoot forward at breakneck speed, and Quinn had resigned herself for a split
second of dying with Sam right then.

He had driven all the way to the coast, toward the very edge of an isolated street.

There was no more road ahead, and if Sam really refused to stop, they would shoot straight into the
sea to a watery grave.

Quinn was clenching her teeth, her whole body shaking…

But at the very last moment, Sam abruptly jammed his foot on the brakes, bringing the car to a
screeching halt.

There was just six feet between them and a tumble into the sea.

All Quinn could feel just then was her seatbelt digging painfully into her body, while her heart was
pumping uncontrollably.

She really could not understand-why was Sam being this capricious? Was it fun for him, toying with his
own life and hers?!

Still, she said nothing as the car came to a stop, and she unbuckled her seat belt to leave.

To her, staying alive was far more important.

Sam could die all she wanted-she had no reason to join him.

But just as she unbuckled her seat belt, Sam quickly locked the car before she could reach for her
door, refusing to let Quinn get out just then.

“What are you doing?” Quinn snapped, her voice raised in indescribable rage.

“Why didn’t you fight back when that journalist was harassing you?! Why did you allow them to bully
you?! Aren’t you a lawyer?! Aren’t you great at sophistry?!” Sam demanded angrily, glaring at her

“Do you think they’d buy it? Anything I say would only encourage them and give them more materials to
publish. Wasting time on the likes of them is unnecessary, not to mention that if they really violated my
personal rights, I can defend myself legally!’ Quinn was more frustrated the more she spoke. “You, on
the other hand, resorted to violence and denied me any chance of doing so, and now I’d have to clean
up the mess after you assaulted a person in the heat of the moment!”

Sam’s eyes were obviously scarlet even as he glared at Quinn, but he suddenly smiled with obvious

“So that was a mistake on my part?” he asked her, his voice suddenly calm.

“It is,” Quinn replied in no uncertain terms. “I would’ve had the moral high ground if you didn’t punch
that journalist and would’ve had the right to sue. However, your impulsive behavior, inability to consider
the consequences, and sheer childishness now leaves me at a disadvantage! Can’t you grow up,
Sam?! Act like an adult like your own brother?!’

“Hahaha!” Sam laughed maniacally then.

He had actually left with Bob and Cora earlier, but not in the same car—he was tactful enough to
impose on a couple.

He had brought his own car, but he was about to get in when he spotted Quinn being mobbed by those
journalists, her dainty figure quickly obscured as they swarmed around her.

He was worried about her since she was alone against that pack of wolves and lost control when he
heard the questions that one of the journalists was pestering her with.

He did not love Quinn and did not care about her.

But as long as she was his wife, he would never allow anyone to bully her like this!

He punched the journalist for her sake, only for her to criticize him for being impulsive and childish and
less than a man compared to his own brother.

On the other hand, Quinn could tell that Sam was incensed from that exaggerated laugh of his.

However, she was under no obligation to sympathize because he was at fault.

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