Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 524

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Sam drove for so long he could no longer see Quinn’s dainty silhouette, and he stopped his car beside
the road.

He was struggling against himself.

He left her in the middle of nowhere, miles far from the highway, and it would take her at least half a
day to get out of there.

What if she did not make it out?

And Quinn was always so stubborn she would never give in, least of all to him.

Sam punched the steering wheel at the thought, frustrated.

He could not help turning to the passenger seat beside him, his heart suddenly stopping for a moment.

That was her first time?

But how was that possible?

He restarted the car, feeling the need to ask.

In truth, he was just giving himself an excuse to go back.

No matter what Quinn’s response was or how she would reject him, he would take her back even if he
had to tie her up.

It was not the first time he went against her own will—why not do it again? He did not care if she had
more reason to hate him again.

Hence, despite his hesitation, he mustered his courage and turned the car around, ready to take Quinn
back even though he never gave in to anyone.

He supposed that she was simply a jinx to him.

This time, he drove at a regular speed and eventually spotted Quinn from afar.

He also noticed a car stopping beside her, and he recognized it.

It was Ryan Saunders’, and Sam recognized it because Ryan had asked Sam to pick something for
him after he returned to the country. Even if Sam was a savant when it comes to cars, others simply
considered that to be a hedonistic hobby of his.

Meanwhile, he watched as Ryan aligned and took off his jacket, draped it over Quinn’s shoulders and
gentlemanly opened the door for her.

Sam in turn reversed his car and left.

He was giving himself too much credit.

Quinn was smart, and she knew how far it was to the highway-that she would never cover the distance.

And since that was no option, she just had to call for help.

But whomever she would ask, it would never be him.

Moreover, Sam was always a step behind whenever Ryan was concerned.

It was as if he was destined to never catch up ever since they were born, be it in grades, competence,
or love.

Sam laughed when he remembered a certain day as gloomy as today.

He had watched Quinn leave Ryan’s room, her clothes disheveled.

And on that very same day, he lost his virginity at twenty years old.

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