Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 525

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Meanwhile, Quinn entered Ryan’s car.

She did not actually ask him to come—he just happened to call her to consult her on a legal issue.

She asked if it was urgent, to which he said yes.

She in turn told him where he was and asked for a ride.

Her face was pale, and she was shivering even as she got in his car.

“Still feeling cold?’ Ryan asked-the weather was turning warm, but one would still find it chilly on

And when he helped her into his car, she felt icy to the touch.

“I’m fine,” Quinn forced a smile as she looked up at Ryan. “Sorry for taking so much of your time.”

“Don’t say things like that. I was going to your office to consult you today anyway and called you before
that since you might not be in,” Ryan said mildly, trying his best not to put Quinn on the spot. ‘By the
way, were you having a fight with Sam? Was he the one who left you in the middle of nowhere?”

“I guess,” Quinn replied indifferently.

“How could he behave like this?” Ryan grumbled, scowling just then. “I have to talk to him later. Even if
he’s upset, he shouldn’t have left you out there. What if something happened to you? He’s always been
so headstrong even as a child, never once thinking about others. The family really spoiled him too
much, making his personality so terrible…’

Quinn listened as Ryan complained in silence.

“It’s really been hard on you after you married him/ Ryan said sympathetically. “Back then, if I hadn’t-“

“No, it’s fine,” Quinn said, cutting him short. “I’m actually grateful to him. I wouldn’t be staying with your
family and living in luxury if not for him.”

Ryan’s eyes darkened, but he flashed a wistful smile and murmured, “Yeah.”

In the end, he was the one who let her down, and he had no right to complain.

Meanwhile, back at the courthouse, Cordy suddenly found herself alone with John, and they simply
stood, staring into each other’s eyes.

Soon, Cordy found her own eyes welling with tears.

Never did it cross her mind that her emotions would be so affected when she met him again with such

It had also been a while since her heart raced out of control.

She tried her damndest to play down all sentiments and relationships after Kyle because she did not
want to get hurt at all or believe in anyone.

And yet, it was John-a man she met less than a year ago-who allowed her to let go of all her misgivings
and fall in love so hard she could not control herself.

And she was so, so in love!

More tears were welling in her eyes even as she looked at him, blurring her vision until she could not
stop herself, and she ran up to him, throwing herself in his arms.

“Oof,” he grunted softly.

Wait, did that hurt him?

But she had been careful! She tried to hold back, since she was afraid she would knock him down
when she threw herself at him.

But it hurt him anyway?

What did they put him through at the detention center?!

Cordy’s heart ached even more at that.

She regretted not trusting him and having to push him away.

If she had stayed with him, he would at least have felt better.

Even as she remembered everything she had done for him, she could not help tightening her embrace
around him, giving in just then…

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