Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 527

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On the other hand, John was getting even grumpier as Cordy was not responding. “You’re actually still
hesitating? Do you even have a conscience? How much further do I have to go for you to actually
accept me and stand by my side in the open?”

John became more agitated the more he ranted, “What, do I have to gouge my heart out to show my

His eyes suddenly widened as Cordy stood on her toes, pressing her lips against his.

The anger in his eyes turned to tenderness right then.

Men are really easy, aren’t they?

John wrapped his arms around her, intending on going further… but she pulled away.

“Skipping out on responsibility after flirting with me, huh?” he growled through his teeth.

“No,” Cordy shook her head. “But you were so noisy.”

John’s face fell, stunned that she would scorn him for that!

But she was the only one he would talk so much around, spilling his guts and all that, not shying away
from baring his heart!

And she scorned her!

But just as he was about to fly into a rage, she suddenly said, “So, I was wondering when we should
get married.”

John’s anger faded immediately once more, shock-no, delight—filling his gaze just then.

He was so thrilled he almost could not believe what she heard.

“A-Are you serious?” His voice was quivering from sheer excitement.

“I’m just…’ Cordy averted her eyes, his stare too much for her just then. “I would like Dicky to have a
complete family…”

“I do,” John suddenly answered solemnly.


“You were proposing to me, weren’t you?” John beamed. “That’s my response: I do.”

Cordy was speechless. He really started wagging his tail when he got what he wanted.

“Come on,” he said then, holding her hand firmly. “We’re meeting the press now.”

Cordy smiled despite herself—he really yearned for public exposure, didn’t he?

With that, they emerged from the courthouse, hand-in-hand.

The journalists outside had been waiting impatiently and kept asking others to go in and see if John
and Cordy already left.

Reasonably speaking, they had been camping in front of the only way out.

But maybe the courtroom opened their back door for him?

They were getting antsy, but also reluctant to let such a headline slip from their hands, and hence kept
waiting with considerable impatience.

Suddenly, they saw John and Cordy stepping out, and the couple were holding hands!

Heavens be praised!

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