Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 530

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Cordy was almost speechless. “Why are you being jealous? Patrick would never be interested in me.”

“I was actually jealous of Zoe before,” John suddenly admitted.

Cordy gaped at him. How petty could he get?!

“I mean, she was in bed with you,” John said, looking everywhere except at her.

“How are you still alive with all that jealousy inside?’ Cordy asked, almost at a loss for words.

“You just have to make it up to me,’ John replied as if it made perfect sense.

Cordy rolled her eyes—give the man an inch, and he would take a mile.

“By the way, did you really only recently notice that the Stuarts had someone impersonate you for their
crimes?” Cordy suddenly asked seriously.

While a lot of facts were made clear at the trial, there were still many things she did not quite get.

“Nope,” John said, never hiding anything from her. “I’m a businessman. I prioritize my personal gain
above all else.’


“I found out early on. I just didn’t do anything about it.”

“And you would’ve left them at large if they didn’t pose a threat to you?” Cordy asked.

“Maybe.” John shrugged.

Cordy pursed her lips in response.

“Look, I’m not on the side of angels, but I’m no villain either,” John explained. ‘I’m just not that noble
that I’d risk my wealth and personal safety for justice. If I risked it and I failed to take down the Stuarts,
I’d be dead, those around me would be hurt in turn. Moreover, when it comes to business scams,
victims mostly have themselves to blame for their greed- it’s the reason they fall for it at all. They just
have to take it as an expensive life lesson.”

“I’m not scorning you,” Cordy replied. “I don’t think I’d even manage anything that impressive if I were in
your shoes. Also, protecting the family before taking such a risk was undoubtedly a vital move.’

“Thank you for your understanding, my darling wife.” John grinned.

Cordy rolled her eyes.

Calling her ‘my darling wife’ so casually even before they were married… and it somehow had to sound
so fighting!

“So, you’re the one who asked for Sean Cranston too?” Cordy asked.

At first, she was convinced that it was the Stuarts who arranged for Sean to take the role of prosecutor.
Now, she suddenly had the feeling it was yet another one of John’s ploys.

“Yes.” John admitted.

“Why would he help you? Is he as strait-laced as the rumors say?”

“Not quite,” John replied, shaking his head. “I won’t comment on his personality since we haven’t been
acquainted forthat long. Moreover, when it comes to partnership, sentiment is secondary to what we
gained from it.”

“He benefits from the Stuarts being brought to justice?’

“Of course,’ John said. “Even if things looked amicable between the four top families of the nation,
there are plenty of disputes and conflicts behind the scenes. Everyone wants a piece of the other
families’ pie, but are also worried that another family would take them down. That is why whenever one
among them faced a crisis, they would seize the opportunity to make things worse for them. In their
perspective, one family ousted is a pie gained.”

“They are that ruthless, huh?”

“Why’d you think it’s so hard to stay on top?” John chuckled.

“So you saw through that cloak-and-dagger stuff and decided to liquidate your family assets so that you
would be free?” Cordy asked.

After all, he did not have to go that far, especially when he knew his victory in the trial was assured.

“Not entirely…” John replied, his expression darkening a little.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat.

These days, the slightest sign of danger left her nervous.

“Sean told me to do it,” John said in no uncertain terms then.

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