Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 531

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Cordy became nervous right then. “Sean did? But why?”

She was convinced that John liquidated the Levines’ family estate to protect themselves and steer
clear from more conflicts. She thought that John, like his grandfather, was done with the vicissitudes of
life and would rather enjoy whatever they had left instead.

She did not expect that the Cranstons were involved at all!

“You should be able to guess,” John reminded her despite seeing her reaction.

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat-that was the answer she least wanted.

“Yes,” John said slowly and clearly. “He’s asking me to work for him, but he needs me to have a more
discreet capacity to assist him, and Levine Ventures draws too much attention.”

“Assist him?” Cordy asked. “With what? What are his ambitions?”

“Well, the Cranstons have a family dispute just like the Stuarts,” John explained. ‘The Stuarts’ disputes
are between different branches of the family, whereas the Cranston brothers are in the midst of a
power struggle. Sean wants me to help him neutralize his brothers, so that he becomes the undisputed
heir to the family estate.”

“Wait, wasn’t he the heir already?” Cordy asked.

All the rumors certainly claimed that, since Sean was the eldest son and the family held him in high

Most importantly, he displayed individual excellence and was the right choice as heir.

“I don’t know the specific right now.” John shrugged. “I’d have to get involved to find out.”

“Can’t you just stay out of it?” Cordy asked him worriedly. “Don’t get involved at all while we enjoy life
on our own?”

“I’ll do my best to get free as soon as I can,” John promised.

He had no choice when he decided that he needed to take down the Stuarts, and his trial would not
have gone so smoothly without the Cranstons. Sean had to be on hand to compel Judge Rackham so
that he kept the trial going, otherwise Judge Rakcham would have ignored all the vital evidence he
provided while the Stuarts would later move in and erase everything.

He needed an even greater influence to win, and he had to make a deal if he wanted Sean’s backing.

And since Sean was direct about his intention to help, John agreed to it.

“John… Was that worth it?” Cordy suddenly asked him somberly, her eyes welling with tears.

If John accepted Jessica’s proposal, things could stay amicable with the Stuarts even if they were
using him like a tool. The arranged marriage would take their alliance to the next level, while William
Stuart would topple Monty Stuart to gain a monopoly in both politics and business.

Since their rival families would not attack them without reasonable cause, they had nothing to worry
about from the outside—everything would be smooth sailing for the Stuarts once their internal power
struggle ends.

But John gave up on an easy path to success for Cordy’s sake and was now caught in yet another
family dispute.

Was it really worth it?

“Of course,” John said, returning Cordy’s gaze.

His long fingers were almost all bones now, even as he gently brushed her tears away. “You’re all the
world to me. Why would I bother living without you?”

Cordy’s heart raced as she watched him then.

No matter how things changed or how much time passed, she was convinced she would never forget
the determined, earnest look in his eyes just then.

Her phone suddenly rang.

Cordy checked who the caller was and gave herself a moment to calm down before answering. “Hello,

John’s face fell at the mention of the name-talk about a green-eyed monster!

“I take from your tone of voice that you’re in a good mood?” the man on the other end teased.

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