Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 534

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Cordy could not calm down even as she imagined that outcome.

“No, she won’t,” John said confidently nonetheless. “You’re more important to Jessica and she knows

Cordy’s heart skipped a beat as she stared at John fixedly.

“Look, just trust me on this, but Jessica wants you more than she wants Dicky,” John said. “She’s never
been a parent and wouldn’t know how much a child matters-especially since she grew up in a detached
family like the Stuarts, where even family connections were weighted in personal gain. Sentiment
doesn’t exist there, and she’d be convinced that we would just have more children even if we lose
Dicky and the pain of losing him would just be temporary. On the other hand. I’d be hurting for the rest
of my life if I lost you! That’s why she’ll use you if he wants revenge, not Dicky.”

John spoke quickly with considerable urgency, and there was no telling if he was trying to persuade
Cordy or himself.

Cordy bit her lip and forced herself to stay calm and work hard to believe John.

Once she did, she asked John, “What do we do now? Do we wait for her to contact us?”

“Now that she’s a wanted person in this country, she’s not going to show up or contact us for no
reason. She’s smart to know that we’ll be more emotionally distressed the more she waits, and she’ll
achieve her intended effect that way. That’s why we shouldn’t just wait-we must try to locate her hiding
place and find her before she contacts us.”

“Yeah.” Cordy nodded.

After John broke it down for her, he made more calls with Cordy’s phone, barking instructions as he
did. “I need security footage, starting from 9 AM today…”

“Put a BOLO on this car license plate, last seen in…”

“Yes, I need you to locate this phone number for me…”

Soon, their car stopped at the parking lot beneath Cordy’s apartment.

On their way back, John had kept making phone calls, even reporting to the cops that Richard had
been abducted, insisting that they be careful about it since she had a hostage.

When everything was done, they headed to Cordy’s apartment.

They just stepped inside when the security footage was sent to them, and Cordy promptly brought out
her laptop to review it.

Both her and John watched nervously, skipping to the point when the cameras at the school gates
caught Richard.

They saw Richard’s teacher taking him out, and the boy was immediately resistant when he saw
Jessica, clearly refusing to follow her. Jessica simply strode forward and scooped him up even though
he was struggling and passed him to one of the black-clad bodyguards with her.

The teacher noticed that something was wrong as she watched them, but Jessica told the teacher
something that completely discouraged her.

It was 9.30 AM at the time-even before John’s trial began-and no one was aware of what was about to
happen to the Stuarts. The teacher was therefore not suspicious, since Jessica was present at the
school with

John during the sports meet. Even if their engagement had been annulled, the teacher had heard the
rumors that Jessica was Richard’s biological mother and believed it.

And there was absolutely nothing wrong with handing a child over to his mother.

Most importantly, Jessica could throw her weight around to stop the teacher from having any ideas.

Cordy hence watched as Richard was dragged into the car by Jessica’s bodyguard, resisting with his
little body but for it to amount to nothing… she felt as if her heart clenched right then.

“She’s driving her own car.” John was much calmer, observing the details in the video.

Cordy blinked back her tears and worked hard to find clues as well.

“Aside from Dicky and Jessica, there are three other people in the car,” John said while he took
screenshots of their faces.

However, two of those faces were basically blurred. The one remaining- the bodyguard who carried
Richard off-was much clearer.

After saving the image of the face, John turned to Cordy. “Contact Patrick. Have him screen the list of
bodyguards of the Stuarts for high-definition images of these men. Jessica would definitely be using
them to run errands for her.”

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