Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 535

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After Cordy sent the photos to Patrick, he asked a few questions, to which she told him everything.

Patrick quickly sent the photos without asking more questions.

For one, he was not able to help much when he was so far away, but he promised to tell her
immediately if he found any helpful clues.

In addition, he would rather avoid stressing her unnecessarily since she was already on the verge of a
nervous breakdown.

Once they had the high definition mugshots of the bodyguards, John sent copies to his people and
started a search, reminding them to report in if they find those men without alerting them.

Just then, a call arrived from Randy as well. “Sir, we found Jessica’s car. It’s left in a parking lot in the
industrial district. The footage we obtained showed that only the driver got out, and no one else was
inside. The driver is definitely one among the three mugshots you sent, and he left the car without
coming back so far.”

“Did you manage to track where he went?”

“No, sir. It’s an isolated location, and the next closest camera is some distance away. I had to search
thoroughly until I found him boarding a bus, so I got the footage from the bus. Turns out that the driver
got out at the south entrance, where the largest agricultural market of North City is. He soon
disappeared among the crowd, and we couldn’t find him since.”

“Are there cameras at the market?”

“There are, but there are blindspots in the layout and it’s too crowded. I had over ten people assisting
me in the zone, but we had nothing.”

“Send me the footage,” John said anyway.

“Yes, sir,” Randy replied, before quickly adding, “Also, we’ve found the last known position of Jesscia’s
phone number, but it’s at your son’s school. That’s where she last used it.”


John hung up and quickly opened the other security footage Randy sent.

Cordy sat beside him and helped him search.

The camera quality at the market was low, and the coverage was low with many blind spots. If the
driver had stayed in those blind spots, no one would know where he went.

Fortunately, all eight entrances and exits were covered. The cameras would definitely catch the driver if
he had left.

After checking the footage for a while, John made a call. “Randy, get someone to search the interior of
the market. See if he actually left.”

They need to dismiss that possibility if he was not there as soon as possible.

But if he was there, they just needed to keep following him.

“Yes, Mr. Levine.”

John then called Bob. “Bob, bring three computers over to Cordy’s apartment, and call Sam over as

“Are we having dinner there?” Bob asked.

“Jessica abducted Dicky. I need to check some footage in my search.

Come over and help.”

With those simple instructions, John hung up.

Then, the doorbell rang in less than fifteen minutes.

Sam and Bob were carrying three laptops as they hurried inside.

It was clear that they were worried, and they did not ask questions either.

They set up everything in no time at all and proceeded to help John search for the driver as instructed.

Half an hour later, Randy reported in. “Sir, we’ve searched the whole market, but we can’t find the
driver. He might have made it out.”

“What?!” John frowned, and quickly double checked.

There was still no sign that the driver left.

Sensing that John was skeptical, Randy quickly said, “I’ll have the men keep searching, see if we
missed anything. We’ll check in later.”

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