Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 536

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John put the phone away and turned back to the security footage, and his eyes suddenly narrowed as
he exclaimed, “Could he have disguised himself?!”

“It’s possible.” Sam agreed.

However, if the driver had really put on a disguise, he would be harder to find.

Still, John calmed down and said, “Let’s analyze what we know for now.”

The way they were going, they were being half as effective and would never find Jessica and Richard
at this rate.

As Sam, Bob, and Cordy all turned to John, he said,” Stuart came all the way from Rocktown to North
City to kidnap Dicky. She couldn’t have been fully prepared since this city isn’t her family’s turf, and that
means the driver slash bodyguard would not have prepared a change of clothes at the market. He
wasn’t bringing a bag of any sort in the footage, so he had to buy something at the market and got

When he was finished, John picked up his phone without pausing a beat and called Randy again.
“Question every stall at the market that sells clothes. Ask if they saw that man, what clothes he bought,
and the direction from which he left.”

“Yes, sir.”

John hung up and turned toward Cordy and the others. “Keep a close eye on every clothing stall.”


They started to check the footage again with a new objective, and in under half an hour, Bob suddenly
called out, “Johnny!”

John promptly headed over to look at his footage, and Bob pointed at a certain figure. “Is this him?”

“Yeah,” John said, identifying the driver immediately.

He had photographic memory ever since he was a child and would remember anything clearly if he
puts his mind to it.

Right now, the faces of the three bodyguards who aided Jessica in abducting Richard were ingrained in
his memory!

“He bought a dark gray jacket and a black cap, dressing himself like an old man,” Bob said as he
replayed the moment in slow motion.

John studied the clothes in turn while he searched his memory.

He then hurried back to his computer and fast-forwarded the footage, and he soon found the man. “Got
him. He left from the third exit.”

Cordy turned toward John.

He found the man, while she was clueless and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

She hurried over to him, just as Bob and Sam joined them, looking over John’s shoulder at the screen.

There was just a third of the man in the grainy footage, but John identified him immediately.

It was unbelievable!

John was already calling Randy at the same time. “I’m sending you an image of the man’s disguise
now. He left through the third exit-tail him to find his hideout.”

“Yes, sir.”

After issuing those instructions to Randy, John then told the trio with him,” Let’s leave finding the driver
to Randy for now. We should instead check footage of Jessica’s car after she left Dicky’s school and
see where they got out before the car stopped. Maybe we can get some clues from that.”


Right now, the most important thing was to find where Jessica took Richard.

They would not be that passive in the search and rescue effort once they found it.

In fact, they might even catch her off guard…

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