Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 537

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The apartment was so quiet everyone could heartheir own breathing.

At the same time, they heard nothing amid the suffocating silence as they were thoroughly focused.

The phone suddenly rang, jolting everyone.

The slightest commotion seemed to make everyone nervous now!

They watched as John answered the phone, saying calmly, “Randy.”

Cordy bit her lip-so it was not Jessica.

She was now on the verge of falling apart.

She would rather Jessica contact them, and she was willing to do everything Jessica asked.

She had had enough of this endless searching and waiting. She needed to know that Dicky was fine!

“Found him?” John’s voice turned quiet as he seeked confirmation.

Cord/s heart raced right then, and she turned in anticipation toward John and saw that his hand was
shaking even as he held her phone.

“Yes, we did-that’s why I’m reporting in,” Randy reported. “We tracked him through security cameras
using a photo of his disguised appearance. We calculated that he’s now in an abandoned warehouse in
the southern district, but we don’t dare to stay for long, in fear he would catch on.”

“Don’t move. I’m coming right over,” John said right then and hung up.

“I’m coming with you,’ Cordy said, determined.

John stared at her for a moment.

“Okay,” he eventually said, and he turned toward Bob and Sam. “Wait for me here. I’ll call if anything
comes up.”

“Okay,” they both answered at once, and John left with Cordy.

The skies were already dark, and there were three black cars and over ten bodyguards waiting outside
Cordy’s apartment entrance.

Cordy did not know when John arranged for them to be there, nor did she care just then.

All she wanted was to see Richard again.

Both of them were silent after they went in one of the cars, which darted through the night.

The silence was suffocating, until John could not help stifling a cough just then.

Cordy turned toward him and saw that his face was pale, while his hand was pressed firmly over his

She felt horrible right then-John had just gotten out of jail and was frail.

They thought their troubles were over-that they could face the Cranstons’ issue together and weather
whatever troubles that came at them, that everything was going to become better.

But now, she realized that their relationship would end as soon as it began.

To make things worse, Cordy was unable to bring herself to show John any concern because Richard
was all she could think about.

Anything was worth it, as long as Richard could be safe.

Eventually, their car arrived at the destination.

The night made the unoccupied warehouse appear bleak, and there was no light aside from the faint
glow of the crescent moon overhead.

Randy arrived, panting a little from nerves. ’He’s been in there all this while, boss. I’ve also had people
covering every corner to ensure that he never left.”

“Has anyone else entered?” John asked.

“No, sir. We checked the traffic cameras nearby, but no one came in or out of the warehouse before

“Did he bring anything in with him?* John pressed.

“No, sir. He did not make a move or sound after he went in. We didn’t dare to make any false moves,
since we had no idea what’s inside,” Randy reported, before adding, “There’s not a single light in the
warehouse either.”

John frowned.

With that many people in there, there was no way none of them would turn on a light.

He had a bad feeling about it, but since they were there anyway, they should find out what was going
on anyway.

“Pick your two best men to follow me inside,” John instructed.

“Yes, sir.” Randy promptly beckoned at the two men he had in mind.

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