Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 538

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John was ready to storm the storehouse with his men when Cordy caught his hand.

“John,” she murmured, even as he felt how skinny his fingers were.

If she could, she really wanted to hold on tightly to that hand and to stop him from facing any danger.

But now, she had to let him go and tell him, “You have to keep Dicky safe.”

“I will.” John agreed to it right away, able to read between her lines.

He knew that she was telling him that he must keep Richard safe even at the cost of his life, but he
agreed to it without hesitation.

John had never once accused her of failing to keep Richard safe and allowing Richard to be exposed
to such danger although he entrusted Richard to her.

Cordy released John’s hand just then, and he gave her an assuring look before quickly heading inside
the warehouse with his men.

They were afraid of going loud and therefore moved carefully toward the warehouse entrance.

John leaned against it when he reached it and gave his bodyguards a pointed look since he did not
hear anything from there.

Catching his cue, the bodyguard took out a pair of giant pliers, cutting the door lock inch by inch before
opening it.

There was no sound, and all they saw was darkness even after opening the door.

In contrast to the outside where there was still a small glimmer of light, the interior of the warehouse
was pitch-black.

One of the bodyguards scouted the way ahead, and John followed, with another bodyguard tasked with
protecting him.

As the three men entered and searched the huge warehouse warily, they were breathing in the musty
smell of dust everywhere. Aside from a large pile of construction materials in the middle, it looked like
there was no one there.

However, as John and the two bodyguards headed inside, they heard something nearby.

Noticing it immediately, they turned to find a dark silhouette walking past them.

It was too dark to see, so one of John’s bodyguards gave chase by fumbling his way forward.

After he left, John suddenly sensed someone behind him, and he quickly jumped aside.

The bodyguard who remained with him strode up, stopping the man who tried to attack John, and it
turned into a brawl at the very next instant.

Soon, the bodyguard who just left returned and joined the fray, while John whipped out his phone to
turn on the flashlight.

He recognized the man immediately-he was the bodyguard who was driving Jessica’s car.

John did not focus on the fight, however, but quickly looked around the warehouse to find signs of

Even so, there was nothing even after he looked through the entire place

It was just as he had anticipated-Jessica was never here. Her bodyguard had simply lured him here as
a diversion.

John clenched his fists-Jessica had been following him around for years and naturally knew his way of
doing things.

“Mr. Levine…”

One of the bodyguards returned to his side then, panting as he reported,” We… subdued him.”

John stormed toward Jessica’s bodyguard then and asked with icy bloodlust, “Where’s Jessica?”

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