Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 541

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Cordy quietly ate her bowl of oatmeal without feeling its taste.

At the same time, Bob helped John bandage that gruesome swelling on the back of his hand. It hurt
Bob to look at it, but he had no words of comfort.

He also remembered Richard, and the thought of something terrible happening to a little boy like

No, he could not bear to let himself think that.

And it would naturally be worse for his biological parents.

Bob simply assured himself that the boy was born lucky and would be free from trouble.

After bandaging John, Bob offered, “Want to step out for a smoke?’

John shook his head, but Bob tried to reason with him. ‘Keeping yourself tense like this won’t work.
Just relax-one cigarette won’t cost you that much time.”

Bob certainly could not bear John hurting himself like this.

If there was a clue in the video, someone as outstanding as John would have found it already. It would
not take him that long.

Right now, Bob was just trying to get John preoccupied or his thoughts would go astray.

“Sam, smoke break,’ Bob called out to Sam before John could give his approval.

Sam hurried over while Cordy watched them in silence.

As a matter of fact, they needed to unwind after sitting in front of their laptops for so long.

She just did not dare to let herself relax, not even for a second.

She was worried that once she did, she would remember Richard… and she fell apart inside whenever
she did.

Bob and Sam quietly watched John. They tried to speak multiple times, but were not sure how to
comfort John.

So much had happened to the Levines, and they seemed to be denied peace ever since Zoe was
found not to be Nancy’s biological daughter.

First Jay, then John… and now, Richard.

Did suffering necessarily follow a happy life?!

“It’s late. You two should head home/ John suddenly said.

“Shut it/ Bob quickly said. ”We’re definitely sticking with you/

“We can’t help much, but we’re helping.” Sam agreed.

“Yeah. We’re brothers, Johnny. Don’t keep everything bottled up,” Bob added.

John nodded, finishing his cigarette just then and returning to the living room.

Cordy was sprawled in front of her laptop, having fallen asleep.

She was not sleeping well-her brow was deeply furrowed, and her whole body was shuddering, as if
she was enveloped in horror and shrouded by fear.

John brought a fur blanket and gently draped it over her shoulders.

His movement was tentative because he knew that she awoke easily, but he had to do it in fear that
she would catch a cold.

However, he had just touched her when she suddenly opened her eyes!

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