Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 543

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“John, it doesn’t seem like your style. Why do you lose control of yourself so fast?’ Jessica mocked
him. “I thought you would always keep a neutral expression in front of me, but you would seem agitated
in front of me too.”

“What do you want?” John gritted his teeth.

“I don’t know what I want either. What do you think I want since I’ve lost everything now?” Jessica
asked in answer before she laughed at herself.” Should I feel lucky that I beat you to it and came to
North City with a plan before you plan to ruin my family? If not, my brother and I would have been
locked up in prison by now. After all, all your evidence is directed against me.’

“Yes, I was the one who brought this to you, and I harmed your family. Just deal with me. Tell me where
you are now, and I’ll go there right away. You can do whatever you want to me!” John could not hide his
wrath at all.

“But I don’t want to see you now. John, let’s play a game,” Jessica suggested wickedly.

John’s expression changed drastically.

He knew very well what kind of family the Stuart family was. He knew how they would torture a person
until they died.

“Aren’t you very smart? Don’t you always want to know where I am? I’ll give you 24 hours. It’s now 1.02
AM, and if you can’t find me at this hour tomorrow, I’ll take a thing from Dicky and give it to you. I’ll send
you one thing every two hours. What do you think?”

“Jessica Stuart!”

“Dicky is quite good now. He doesn’t cry or make a scene. I wonder if he’ll cry if I take a thing from his
body later…’


“You can’t bear to hear that, can you?’ Jessica’s laughter became wilder.” John, you’re the one who
forced me to this state. You should have a taste of how I’ll torment you!’

Having said that, Jessica abruptly hung up the call.

Veins were bulging on John’s face, and his expression was extremely hideous.

“What did Jessica say?” Sam could not help but ask.

He knew from John’s look that the situation was very bad.

“Jessica asked me to find her in a day. If not…’ John’s Adam’s apple bobbed vigorously. ’She’ll deal
with Dicky.’

“A day?” Sam widened his eyes.

How could they find her in a day without any clues?

“What should we do now?” Sam looked at John.

“Keep on watching the video to find out if you miss anything. I’ll call the others.” John tried his best to
calm himself down.

He calmly held his phone, but his hand inevitably trembled.

At that moment, Cordy had left John’s arms. She had heard the whole conversation between John and
Jessica just now.

She did not dare to imagine the final result.

She could only watch the surveillance video ceaselessly and desperately tried to find where Jessica
had gone.

John made calls endlessly. “Randy, I’ll give you a contact number. Look into its base station address.”


“Keep on looking for Jessica. You must find her even if you turn North City over.”


After he hung up the call, he returned to his laptop.

He quickly watched all the videos again at eight times the normal speed.

He marked and envisioned all the blind spots geographically.

He also asked people to look into all the possible hiding spots.

Another twelve hours passed by.

They did not rest for two days in a row.

It was now 1 PM, and they still found nothing.

That strange call came from a fake contact number, so they could not trace the exact spot she made
the call from.

“Johnny.” Bob could not bear to see that anymore.

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