Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 545

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“We can put aside all the so-called blind spots in the video to look for the place that Jessica might have
gone to. We’ve spent too much time here. What I mean to say is that she didn’t dare to make a great
fanfare, so it means that she didn’t have enough time or a lot of power either. It means that she couldn’t
get the map of the so-called blind spots of the roads in North City.

“Since she couldn’t get hold of such a thing, she couldn’t be sure that she could avoid all the blind
spots.” While pointing at her map, Cordy added,” This is what I found from the surveillance video. This
is the route from where Jessica’s car was last parked to Dicky’s school. I marked all the blind spots. It
doesn’t look like there are a lot of blind spots, but I almost affirm that she wouldn’t take a risk given her
intelligence and scheme.”

Cordy was trying to prove her point.

“I wouldn’t have taken a risk if it was me,” Sam echoed her words.

“It also means that we all had been fooled by Jessica. She might not even have gotten out of the car,”
Cordy stated slowly.

John narrowed his eyes.

Both Bob and Sam were slightly shocked.

“We saw only a driver get out of the car in the video Randy sent us. There was no one else in the car.
But in fact, was there no one else in the car? Could it be that the driver got out of the car to purposely
divert our attention before they got out?” Cordy looked at John.

John then immediately took out his phone to make a call. “Randy, get me the surveillance video where
Jessica parked her car now as well as the video after the driver had left.”


The atmosphere soon became tense.

If that was the case, Jessica was in the industrial zone and did not leave at all.

Time passed by, and John’s phone rang once.

He quickly carried his laptop over and clicked on the large video sent by Randy. After that, they started
to play it at eight times faster than the normal speed.

After the driver left for an hour, there was some movement in the car.

Hence, John quickly paused the video.

If one was watching the video at such a fast speed, one could not have caught such a movement, but
John did.

If one played it at the normal speed, one could see the car shake slightly.

After that, a person sat up in the car and looked around. After the person was sure that there was no
one else around, the person seemed to have turned around and said something to the others in the
car. Jessica then emerged with the other bodyguard.

The car door was opened.

They got out of the car one after another before they opened the trunk and carried Richard out.

Richard was sleeping soundly all that while. They seemed to have drugged him, and he did not even
wake up when they were so rough and made such a loud noise.

Cordy could not help bursting into tears the moment she saw Richard.

She thought that she was strong enough, but she collapsed the moment she saw his small body.

However, she had to forcefully hold on to not vent her feelings.

Finally, she found where they had gone.

She had finally found them.

“Motherf*cker! They’re so wicked!” Bob inevitably cursed.

John did not stop but quickly asked Randy to send him the map of the industrial zone.

He then asked Randy to investigate the direction in which they had left.

Half an hour later, they were sure where Jessica was.

She was in a shabby and old deserted factory in the industrial zone.

“Are we going there now?” Cordy asked John.

“Hmm.” John nodded.

He did not want to delay even for a minute.

“Let’s eat something first.” Cordy tried to calm herself down.

There were three hours left and they only needed an hour to get there. So, they could make it.

However, she did not know what would happen in the end after they went there.

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