Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 550

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John walked into the old, deserted factory.

He was not being overly cautious.

There was a faint light in the factory.

Jessica was there.

When he entered the place, he found her sitting on an old chair. She seemed to be waiting for him.

Besides, she was not at all surprised by his appearance.

She felt that John would find her.

However, she did not care even if he failed to find her.

She had decided to cut one of Richard’s fingers to gift to John and Cordy.

However, Jessica narrowed her eyes slightly.

She was slightly annoyed since she did not see Cordy.

How could John suffer through that incident alone? Cordy was the culprit, so she should suffer
retribution the most.

At that moment, Jessica remained quiet. She stared straight at John and cracked a winner’s smile.

On the other hand, John remained quiet too, and he silently sized up everything in the place.

There were three bodyguards there other than Jessica. Two of them were standing beside her with
weapons in their hands, and they were in charge of protecting her.

There was another bodyguard behind her, and right behind her was

Richard. He was sitting on the floor, being tied up, and his mouth was stuffed with a piece of cotton

When Richard saw his father, his gaze became slightly agitated. However, he could not say a word
because his mouth was stuffed with cloth. So, he could only move his body slightly. However, the
bodyguard behind him pressed him down hard, so he could not move at all.

John gradually tightened his fists and suppressed his anger before he gave Richard a look.

John was the one who raised Richard, so when Richard saw his father’s gaze, he kept quiet.

Of course, Jessica caught the emotion in John’s gaze. She turned around and glanced at Richard.
When she saw how nice and obedient he was, she laughed wickedly. She then turned back around and
said to John, “Frankly, I can’t bear to kill Dicky. He’s such a cute kid. What a pity if he dies.”

“Jessica, you don’t have to involve others in the grudges between us, let alone harm an innocent kid.
Let go of him, and just deal with me,’ John uttered straightforwardly.

“You’re right. It’s the grudges between us, but John, I’m a narrow-minded person. I dislike a tooth for a
tooth, and I like to double things up. You hurt me, so I want you to pay ten times the price! So, it’s not
enough to take revenge on you. I want to take revenge on the people you care about. Other than Dicky,
Cordy is one of them too!”

Jessica sounded very wild and reckless.

John’s face became extremely cold and gloomy. “Do you think you can do that?”

“Didn’t I succeed now?” Jessica got to her feet and laughed arrogantly with her chin high.

“Do you think I can’t let go of Dicky?” John asked word by word.

Jessica’s face turned slightly gloomy before she laughed coldly. “You won’t come if you can let go.”

“You’re wrong. I came just to give myself a bit of hope without any regrets. It doesn’t mean that I want a
good ending just by coming here.”

“John, do you plan to give your son up?” Jessica seemed to be a little agitated.

“If I can’t keep him, I’ll give up.’ John’s face was dull. ‘You should know very well that I dislike being
threatened by others.

“Do you believe I’ll kill Dicky now?”

“Yes, I do.” John looked at her coldly. “But you can’t survive if you kill him.”

“I never thought of surviving.”

“But you can’t accept it. You don’t want to die before you make me pay ten times the price.” John
brought up her sore spot.

Jessica’s expression became extremely gloomy.

“So, Jessica, here’s my last chance for you. Let Dicky go. I’ll die with you,” John stated word by word.

“Didn’t you tell me that you can give Dicky up? Now you claim that you can die with me.”

“I just want to give Cordy an explanation.” John looked at Jessica steadily and calmly. He was
extremely ruthless too.

Consequently, Jessica could not tell what kind of feelings John held for Richard for a moment.

How much could John tolerate for Richard’s sake?

“So, do you value Cordy more than Dicky and yourself?” Jessica roared angrily and agitatedly.

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