Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 552

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They came together only for the sake of personal gain.

What affections did they have for each other?

They only knew self-preservation in the face of troubles.

For example, this time, since evidence pointed toward her and her brother, they were doomed to be
scapegoats this time, while her grandparents and parents busied themselves with thinking about how
to escape unscathed.

That was reality-the reality of her family.

Therefore, she truly believed that John could possibly abandon Richard when he was forced to a

As John himself said, he could also have many other sons with Cordy.

Richard would one day be forgotten in their own world.

And instead of gaining an advantage, she would only end up sacrificing herself in her attempt at

John turned to look at Jessica, who glared viciously back at him.

“Finally giving in?” she quipped sarcastically.

How cold-blooded could John really be?

He ultimately chose to sacrifice himself to save Richard, didn’t he?

John didn’t respond to Jessica. Instead, he walked toward Jessica step by step.

He said, “Let Dicky go.”

“Fine,” Jessica nodded. “Come over here first.’

“Do you really think I’ll trust you?” John asked.

Jessica’s face darkened.

She signaled one of the bodyguards, ’Release the rope on his hands.”


The bodyguard crouched forward and did according to Jessica’s instructions.


Richard yelled out loud with thinly-veiled fear in his voice upon being freed.

“Dicky,’ John replied to him calmly, seemingly unperturbed.

He turned to look at Jessica. “Tell Dicky to come over. I’ll take his place.”

Jessica smiled sinisterly.

She said, “Don’t be in such a hurry.’

John’s face darkened.

“I suddenly really want to know who Cordy would choose between the two of you.”

“Jessica Stuart!”

“What, getting nervous just because I mentioned Cordy’s name?” Jessica mocked him as hatred filled
her eyes. “I just remembered that all these happened because of Cordy. I can’t spare her just like this.
At the very least, I must let her witness you dying.’

“Jessica, don’t force me…” John said through gritted teeth.

He heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind him.

John turned around and saw Cordy walking in.

“Cordy! Leave this place immediately!” John yelled.

“If you leave right now. I’ll kill Dicky right away!” Jessica threatened her.

“Cordy Sachs!’

Cordy looked at John’s face that had gone red with anger and back at Dicky, her beloved little Dicky.
She opened her mouth to speak and then bit her lips to force herself to keep silent as her heart bled.

She tried her best to swallow her tears as she said to John, “I can’t leave at this point.’

It took so much for John to hold himself back that veins popped along his temple.

He asked out loud, “Who told you to come in here?!”

“I did!” Jessica admitted, “When you turned to leave, I texted her telling her that if she did not come in,
both you and Dicky would die. Seems like at the very least, she does have a heart for the two of you.”

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