Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 553

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Cordy had been waiting outside all along.

She knew that she should not have come here and that she should have trusted John to save Richard,
but she was not as calm and composed as she thought she could be. When it concerned the two most
important people in her life, she found herself unable to stand idly by and do nothing.

So she decided to come.

She entered under Jessica’s malicious threat.

She saw the worry etched in the depths of John’s eyes, the fear written all over Richard’s face, and the
smug look in Jessica’s eyes.

If she could take their place and save them, she would be willing to do it.

Step by step, she walked toward John.

“I’m sorry,” Cordy apologized.

John swallowed past his constricted throat.

He was not angry at her ruining his pace, but rather, he was very scared of the choice that Cordy would

Given how smart Cordy was, she probably knew the reason why Jessica let her in.

“This is great. Now we have everyone here,” Jessica declared with a smile.” This makes it easier for us
to settle the scores between us.’

“What goes on between us has nothing to do with Dicky,” Cordy looked straight into Jessica’s eyes.
“Let him go first.’

“I can do that, but someone must take his place.” It was rare for Jessica to be so willing to let go.

“I will,” John said immediately.

Jessica chuckled. “What if I want Cordy instead?”

“You have no choice,” John said firmly before Cordy had a chance to cut in.

Jessica’s face fell.

“Jessica Stuart, there is a limit to my patience with you!* John didn’t give her much time at all, “At the
count of three, if you don’t agree to it, I’ll bring Cordy away! Mark my words. One, two…”

“Fine!* Jessica agreed.

She had never been able to force John to do anything.

When John became ruthless, he could do anything without regard for the consequences.

“You, bring him over and take him instead,” Jessica instructed.

A bodyguard held Richard down and walked toward John.

The two bodyguards standing behind Jessica raised their guns at them.

The bodyguard behind John did the same, poising himself for a stand-off.

“John Levine, if you dare to play any tricks, we’ll see who dies first!” Jessica threatened.

John looked coldly at Jessica.

He then turned his attention to Richard who was slowly making his way toward him.

Richard stared desperately at John, staying silent as he hit his lip.

Finally, Richard was brought to John’s side.

The bodyguard who held Richard down looked at both Richard and John at the same time.

At the next moment, he swiftly pointed his gun at John and let Richard go in quick succession.

Richard was finally freed.

Cordy lunged forward and pulled Richard sharply into her arms.

She had to hug Richard close to truly sense that he was still well and alive, but she did not hug him for
too long.

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