Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 555

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“Do you really think I’ll agree to your request?” Jessica asked Cordy.

“You have no reason not to,” Cordy was certain.

“Hah,” Jessica sneered, “No wonder John loves you so much and is so mesmerized by you. If you
hadn’t appeared, how could things become like this between John and I, and how could my family end
up in such a plight? Cordy, you are right. You are the culprit and I have no reason to reject you.”

“Then let John go and I’ll die with you,” Cordy said with determination.

“But I refuse!’

Cordy’s face darkened.

“The more you want something, the more I won’t let you have it! I want you to see John die right in front
of you and live with regret your entire life. Sometimes, living is more painful than dying. Don’t you think
so, Cordy?!’ Jessica asked wickedly.

“No. Time heals all wounds. Right now, I love John and will be sad about his death. But what about one
year later, or even ten?! It took me less than a year to forget about Kyle. How faithful do you think I’ll
remain in this relationship?!”

“How can you compare Kyle with John?!” Jessica exclaimed.

Even at this point, John was still her one and only in her heart.

Otherwise, Jessica would not have destroyed herself for the sake of John!

“If John dies, you’ll surely remember him for life,” Jessica said with certainty. “I called you here not to
take John’s place in dying but to make you witness for yourself how you caused John’s death. Your
existence caused John’s death and that will make you live with guilt for the rest of your life!”

“Jessica Stuart!” Cordy could not hold back her anger.

“Didn’t expect that I would reject you, did you?! Yes, you are the person I hate the most and the reason
everything has come to this point. I really wish you’d just go to h*ll. But right now, I can only kill one
person. Had I known this would happen, I would’ve filled this place with explosives and all of us would
be killed right here.’

Everyone started panicking at her words as they stared at her in fear.

They were truly worried that this mad woman might have really done as she said!

Even her bodyguards found that a possibility.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do that.” Jessica chuckled once more, as if enjoying mentally torturing others. “I
didn’t have enough time and was so closely watched that it was too difficult to prepare all that was

Otherwise, how could it have been so easy to find me?! If I had enough time to realize my full potential,
all of you might be no match for me!”


If it had not been for her current circumstances, which made Cordy mistakenly think that Jessica would
not do what she was doing, Cordy would never have given her the chance to kidnap Richard.

But right now, Cordy could not be bothered to argue with Jessica on this.

It was completely pointless, and Cordy just wanted to exchange her life for John’s.

“I am the culprit, the greatest punishment you can exact on John is to kill me! Aren’t you afraid of dying
with regrets?” Cordy deliberately provoked Jessica. “I can tell you very clearly that my guilt toward John
will only be for a short while and not my entire life!”

“Then why do you insist on taking John’s place?” Jessica sneered.

“Because I am truly the reason for everything that happened. I should bear the responsibility for the
consequences. I have a conscience and a sense of responsibility after all, and I don’t want anyone to
be burdened by me. But if there’s a conclusion to this entire incident, a conclusion that I have no power
to change, I’ll accept it,” Cordy said as she looked at John.

John had been keeping his eyes fixed on her the entire time.

Cordy decided to retreat. “John, don’t blame me if I’m eventually unable to change anything.”

“I won’t,’ John said with certainty. ’It’s enough for me as long as you live on well.”

Tears welled up in Cordy’s eyes.

It was so hard to keep her emotions under control.

“Enough!” Jessica yelled in her rage.

She had enough of the loving look both of them were exchanging.

What did they take her for?!

What did John take her many years of companionship for?!

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