Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 556

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Was she destined to just look at the two of them being there for each other through life and death?!

“Save your breath, Cordy. I know what you’re thinking. You just want to provoke me into letting John go
and choosing to die with you. I’m telling you, that’s impossible! No matter what, whether your death is
the greatest punishment for John or if your death is the best outcome for me. I’ll never release John.
Yes, I’ll never let him go for the rest of my life! I must have him even if I die!”

Jessica finally blurted out her goal.

Her premise in exacting revenge was to get what she wanted.

Since she was unable to get John while she was alive, she would be with him in her death.

It was pointless no matter how much Cordy tried to convince her.

Jessica’s only choice had always been John, even if it meant that it spared Cordy from dying with her.

That was the only way she could be with John without anybody intervening.

Cordy’s eyes were red with unshed tears-she knew very well that whatever she did right now would be
in vain.

It was useless no matter how much she tried to provoke Jessica.

She looked at John and the peace in his eyes.

He was worried that Jessica would be provoked by Cordy, but he could finally be at ease now.

Since Jessica still wanted to be with him, everyone else would be safe.

“Cordy/ he comforted her, “Don’t cry. This is the best outcome for all.”


No, it was not.

Such an outcome was utterly terrible.

How could it be the best if John were dead?!

The best outcome would be if the three of them could start life anew as a family.

“Remember what I told you before I came here,” John said tenderly, “Take good care of yourself and
Dicky. Forget about me-find a man you love who loves you back and live on well.”

Cordy shook her head profusely.

How could she ever love and be with another man after personally witnessing John’s death?

“Are you quite done?” Jessica asked John.

Was he done with his final words?!

“Yes, I’m done,” John said in a low voice.

“Then come with me/ Jessica commanded as she walked toward John.

Her bodyguards continued pointing their guns at John’s head.

If he were to make any move whatsoever, they would blow his brains out.

“Have I told you before how much I love the ocean?” Jessica asked John.

John kept silent.

“You probably don’t remember even if I did,” Jessica said mockingly. “You’ll only bother remembering
the promises you made to Cordy. Why would you remember the things I said to you?!”

Not wanting to waste brain space in remembering unimportant details, John truly did not remember

“But it’s fine. Anyway, the ocean is where we’ll eventually end up together forever!”

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