Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 557

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Jessica, along with all her bodyguards, brought John out through the back door of the old factory.

Cordy instinctively wanted to follow, but Jessica yelled in fury, “Don’t follow us!”

Jessica was clearly on the brink of collapse, and Cordy stopped dead in her tracks.

“Don’t come and bother me and John! Cordy, you’re not fit! Scram!”

Cordy bit her lip and looked at John.

Even the look in John’s eyes warned her not to follow behind them.

Cordy’s vision blurred.

Was this goodbye forever?!

John left with Jessica, and the moment Cordy saw them disappear, she could not help but chase after

The back door was locked from outside and she could not open it no matter how she tried.

Cordy dared not stop, and she immediately turned around to leave.

Randy was outside, as anxious as she was, and he lunged forward the moment he saw Cordy step out.
“Mrs. Levine.”

Richard was with Randy who had been watching over him.


When Cordy heard Richard calling out to her, she tried her best to calm herself down and to stop
herself from breaking down into tears.

She crouched down low and said to Richard, “Mommy’s going to look for Daddy right now. Go back
with Randy first.”

“Mommy, no…” Richard hugged Cordy.


“Mommy, don’t leave me.” Richard tightened his hold around Cordy’s neck, refusing to let go.

“I’m going to look for Daddy and I’ll come back.”

“No!” Richard hugged her even tighter.

He refused to release his arms for fear that he would lose her, and Cordy exerted some force to push
his arms away.

She saw Richard’s eyes turn red as fear filled his eyes.

He was only seven years old after all.

No matter how mature he was, it was inevitable that he felt lost under such dire circumstances.

“Mommy, don’t leave me, don’t go…”

“Dicky.” Cordy held his face in her hands. “Mommy will come back. Follow Randy first, all right?”

“Mommy…” Huge drops of tears fell from his eyes down his cheeks.

He even started choking up as his cries turned muffled.

But when he saw the determination in his mommy’s eyes, he forced himself not to make things difficult
for her.

His body trembled slightly as he held himself back.

“My good boy.” Cordy crouched down low and kissed Richard.

She turned around without any hesitation, called for two bodyguards to follow her, and drove in the
direction that John and Jessica left.

“Still don’t see them yet?” Cordy asked the bodyguard in the car.

The bodyguard was already driving the car at its maximum speed.

He said, “Haven’t seen any cars yet.”

“Is this the only way to the sea?”

“Looks like it from the map,” the bodyguard seated at the front passenger seat answered her.

“Drive faster, please!”


The bodyguard stepped harder on the accelerator.

In the distance, they saw a car.

Cordy’s heart leapt.

She saw the car stop, but it was too dark to see the car ahead clearly and what its passengers were
doing after they alighted.

Cordy could only keep urging the bodyguard to drive faster and faster.

The bodyguard stepped all the way down on the accelerator, and he then brought the car to a stop at a
desolated pier.

Cordy threw the car door open and rushed out even before the car stopped entirely.

She almost lost her footing and collapsed on the floor, but she could not be bothered by the pain on her
body and ran to the ocean.

She had just taken a few steps when she heard the sound of a yacht coming from the shore.

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