Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 558

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Cordy ran forward wildly and when she reached the shore, she saw that the white yacht had sailed far


Cordy looked on helplessly at the yacht sailing further and further away from reach, under the
moonlight and on the choppy sea.

She knew that John and Jessica must be in the yacht.

She had completely no idea how Jessica would choose to end her and John’s life…


A loud explosion sounded in the air, and the yacht suddenly exploded.

A bright cloud lit up the night sky.


Cordy looked on in disbelief at the yacht that exploded right before her eyes and started burning in the
quiet night.

Without any hesitation at all, she made a move to jump into the sea.

For all she knew, John might still be alive.

If John were to be flung out by the force of the explosion into the sea, she might be able to find him and
save his life… i

Yet, the moment she tried to run into the waters, a bodyguard held tightly onto her.

“Let me go!” Cordy commanded.

“Ms. Sachs, the waters are very choppy right now, and it’s so dark. If you jump in, it’ll be extremely
dangerous for you. Please calm down/ a bodyguard persuaded her firmly.

“Let go!” Cordy cried out, on the brink of collapse.

“Mr. Levine instructed us to protect you in the face of danger, as long as it threatens your life! Ms.
Sachs, Mr. Levine sacrificed himself just to save you, in hopes that you will treasure your life!’

“I want to save John right now. I must go!”

“Mr. Levine…” The bodyguard gritted his teeth and went on, “It’s not possible that Mr. Levine is still
alive given the force of the explosion just now. Ms. Sachs, please don’t be emotional.”

“He won’t die!” Cordy yelled heart-wrenchingly, but the bodyguard remained unmoved.

They had been trained to be cold, distant, and unemotional even in matters of life and death.

What was of utmost importance for them was to accomplish the mission they were tasked.

And this time, their mission was to protect Cordy well.

Even if John was truly in danger, Cordy’s safety remained their foremost priority.

As such, no matter how devastated Cordy was, they would never allow her to jump into the sea to save

“Ms. Sachs, Mr. Richard is still waiting for you,” the bodyguard reminded her in a loud and firm voice.

Cordy immediately calmed down at the mention of Richard’s name, as reason and logic came flooding
back into her mind once more.

She was suddenly able to force herself to calm down.

She still had Richard.

She could not just abandon Richard.

Richard was still waiting for her…

If Richard lost even her, what was he going to do?

He had already lost his father…

Her vision blurred with tears, and she could see nothing except for a shadow in the distance.

All she could see was the burning yacht forming a bright, red cloud in the night sky.

A long while later, the fire died down on the surface of the sea.

Everything had been burned down.

Everything was gone.

Cordy felt as if the fire had burned through everything in her heart as well.

She felt so empty inside, with nothing left in her.

Yet, when the ever-so-familiar figure flashed past her mind, the pain that she felt was so suffocating.

She really had no idea how she was going to live on without him.

How was she going to live on well?

“Ms. Sachs, let’s go back.” The bodyguard could not help but remind her again, saying, “Richard is still
waiting for you.”

John knew.

John knew that as long as Richard was alive and well, she would have to stay alive and well too!

Cordy suppressed the raging emotions inside her.

She wiped her tears and looked back at the deep, dark sea once more.

‘Goodbye, John Levine.

‘I will do my best and live well…’

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