Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 560

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Perhaps because both their corpses had been exploded to bits, Jessica’s corpse could not be found

The police and Alan Levine had given up.

Even Cordy had given up.

To them, perhaps not finding his corpse was a form of comfort to them for somehow, it made them feel
like he might still be alive.

Perhaps there might be a miracle.

Alan was going abroad today as Jay was scheduled for his operation next week. Though the risk
remained great, it was even greater if he did not undergo the operation. However, if the operation
failed, Jay might very well die in the surgery.

Cordy sent Alan off at the airport, and Nancy and Cora were there too.

Richard was there too, of course.

Events of the past few months left their mark on Alan’s old and haggard face.

He never expected to experience so many earth-shattering changes in his life over a few short months.

Time and time again, he found himself bidding goodbye forever to people younger than himself.

“Dad, let me go overseas with you,” Nancy could not help but suggest. “If you go alone to accompany
Jay, what if Jay…”

Nancy’s eyes turned red as she found herself unable to go on.

She was probably thinking about John.

She was in so much pain and sorrow-she never thought that John would one day die before she did.

Even at the last lawsuit, she kept feeling that given John’s intelligence, nothing could ever happen to

Yet, after the lawsuit ended, he died so suddenly…

“No need. Stay in North City and keep Cora company.’ Alan shook his head in refusal.

“Things are pretty smooth-sailing for Cora in the entertainment industry. It’s fine for me to be away from
her and keep you company for a period of time

“Let me go alone and have my space.”


“If anything is to happen to Jay, I’ll inform you immediately,” Alan said firmly.

Nancy had no further say in the matter.

She knew that her father just did not want them to come face to face with death once again.

“Do you want Richard to go with you?” Cordy suddenly suggested.

Alan turned to look at Cordy and then at Richard.

He lifted his arm and Richard immediately walked toward him.

Alan caressed Richard’s head dotingly and forced a smile on his face.” Dicky, now that your daddy is
no longer around, you must take good care of your mommy, do you understand?”

“I do,” Richard nodded.

“It’s all right. I can take care of myself.’

“Let Dicky be with you. When John was alive, he wanted you two to be reunited,” Alan said, “I’m so
advanced in years, it might be better for me to have some peace and quiet.”

Cordy did not say anything further, sensing that Alan had come to a compromise with this world.

He had let go of everything.

She wondered if Jay really did not make it, then perhaps Alan might not make it too.

That was probably his own choice.

Therefore, he did not want anyone following him.

He was preparing for the possibility of ending his life.

“Go back home,” Alan said softly as he instructed his men to lift him up into his personal plane.

Everyone looked at the plane bringing him up and away, all the way until he vanished from sight.

Nancy wiped the tears from her face and turned to look at Cordy.

Cordy tried her best to swallow her tears.

“Are you willing to bring Dicky to Levine Manor and stay with us?” Nancy asked.

She asked the question genuinely.

It was getting too cold and quiet in the Levine household, with only her and Cora being the only ones

She could hear the echo even when they talked.

“I’m sorry.”

Cordy shook her head.

Nancy already knew Cordy’s answer.

She sighed and lamented, ‘The Levine household that used to be so glorious is now in pieces…”

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