Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 559

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Cordy left the seaside.

She left the sea that killed her greatest love and went back to Richard, who had been waiting for her all

His petite figure stood under the moonlight, quietly waiting for her without crying or fussing.

At that moment, she suddenly wondered what Richard would do if she never came back.

If, at that moment, she had chosen to die together with John, what would Richard do?

The guilt that surfaced all of a sudden mixed up with the overwhelming sorrow in her heart, which
almost made Cordy break down again.

She felt like she almost blacked out from the crushing emotions inside her.

It was as if her whole body had fallen into a deep, dark abyss…

She bit her lip hard, forcing herself to stay strong.

She had not lost everything-she still had Richard.

She crouched down low, down to Richard’s height and looked right at Richard who was trying his best
to hold back his tears.

She saw the resilience on his face that resembled John’s so much.

She said, ’Dicky, Daddy will not be coming back anymore.”

Richard nodded.

He knew.

He knew that his godmother kidnapped him with the goal of dying together with Daddy.

But he was too young.

He was incapable of stopping everything from happening and resisting the flow.

He could only stand idly by and watch Godmother use him to threaten Daddy.

He could only stand idly by and watch Mommy shed silent tears because of Daddy’s death.

He caressed Cordy’s cheeks with his small hands, gently wiping her tears away, but no matter how
much he did so, the tears kept coming. “Mommy,’ he said, ’I’ll take care of you on Daddy’s behalf.”

Richard’s words completely shattered Cordy’s heart.

She pulled Richard into a tight embrace and hugged him.

Truly, only Richard could give her the courage to live on…

The next morning, when day broke, Cordy brought Richard back to her own house.

When she opened the door to her apartment, she saw Bob and Sam still in the living room.

After waiting through the night, both men had fallen asleep on the couch.

They jumped awake the moment they heard the door open.

Bob even yelled, “John!”

He turned and saw Cordy and Richard appear in the living room.

Bob and Sam immediately rolled off the couch and ran toward them, and Sam folded Richard in a tight
hug. “Dicky, are you all right?!”

Richard nodded silently, and Bob and Sam heaved a sigh of relief.

They went on asking, “Where’s John?”

Cordy bit her lip, while Richard lowered his head.

“John…didn’t come back with the both of you?” Bob asked Cordy.

He tried to ask the question as gently as he could, so fearful of the cruel truth.

“No, he didn’t,” Cordy replied.

Bob and Sam trembled.

“Weren’t we…weren’t we…supposed to share one more meal?” Bob said in a trembling voice, unwilling
to believe that John was gone.

Sam clenched his fists.

“Go back, the both of you,” Cordy said. “Please go home.J’m so tired…”

Bob wanted to say something, but Sam stopped him.

Cordy was feeling terrible enough.

They should not add on to her pain at a time like this.


But the thought of John truly being gone, the thought of someone so important in your life suddenly

Bob could not help but cry out loud in sorrow.

Sam had always been a mild-tempered man with extreme self-control. He never appreciated
sensationalism and sentimentalism, yet because of Bob’s breaking down and the sudden realization
that John had left them, he was unable to hold back the tears that fell uncontrollable down his cheeks…

This was probably the greatest pain he knew in his entire life!

One month later, John’s corpse still could not be found.

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