Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 561

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After going separate ways with Nancy, Cordy brought Richard to the detention house.

Noel was implicated by what happened to the Stuarts and was awaiting her sentence.

Of course, Noel was not merely punished by the law. Her public reputation was in shreds and the
malicious attacks and curses from the media were enough to make her wish she were dead.

Noel had it coming, and Cordy did not pity her one bit.

She herself was not willing to go to the detention house.

Rather, it was the detention house that called her multiple times, claiming that Noel wanted to see her.

The procurator’s office called her as well, saying that Noel’s sole condition for cooperating with them in
their investigations was for Cordy to go and see her.

Cordy had rejected them many times but this time round, she wanted to draw this entire episode to a

She did not want anyone else bothering her and Richard’s lives.

Yes, she had come to accept that she had to start life anew with Richard and without John.

She had accepted that John had truly left this world, whereas her life went on as usual.

When she arrived at the detention house, she bumped straight into Simon, Sue, and Sonny.

The three of them were leaving the detention house, their faces black with rage. Their faces darkened
even further upon seeing Cordy.

“What are you doing here?” Simon said viciously at Cordy, but she simply ignored him.

“What, are you here to laugh at Noel?” Simon mocked.

Cordy simply could not understand why her father could remain so coldblooded and sarcastic even at
this point, no matter what Noel did to them.

“Noel had it coming! Back then, she was in cahoots with the Stuarts when she snatched Sachs
Enterprises away from us. She deserves retribution!’ Simon yelled out loud to vent his frustrations.

“Do you feel proud that Noel has become like this?* Cordy asked coldly.

Simon stood stunned for a moment before saying smugly, ‘I’ve already cut ties with Noel and everyone
knows that Noel and I no longer share a fatherdaughter relationship. Noel’s scandals have nothing on

Cordy sneered.

“What are you laughing at?’ Simon’s face changed. “I really raised two ingrates, both of whom refuse to
let me live a good life!”

“Are you sure you only raised two ingrates? Why don’t you consider the possibility that perhaps all your
children are ingrates?” Cordy glanced at Sonny.

Sonny shot back furiously, “Do you think I’m like you and Noel? I am Dad’s son, whereas you two are
only daughters. How could we be the same?

Daughters are cheap goods married off to other families. How could they ever side with their parents’
family? I’m different, as I’m the official heir of the family and my children take the family name. I’m the
pillar of the Sachs family!’

Cordy almost could not hold back her laughter at Sonny’s self-righteous speech.

Of course, she could not blame everything on Sonny. That was how he had been taught by the Sachs
household since young-that he was the pillar of the Sachs family, that his status and identity was
distinct from everyone else’s, and that he deserved to be fawned over by everyone else.

Otherwise, why would Noel and her hate the Sachs so much?

“All right.” Cordy had nothing further to say.

Anyway, she had nothing to do with the Sachs family. Whatever happened to the Sachs family was
their own business and none of hers.

She walked past them nonchalantly.

“Cordy,” Simon suddenly called out.

Cordy stopped in her tracks.

“Try to persuade Noel to give up her Sachs Enterprises shares,” Simon said almost commandingly.

She truly had no idea why Simon had the cheek to ask her that.

Putting aside the fact that she had completely no affections for Noel and therefore would not pity her,
even from an ordinary person’s point of view, what right did Simon have to take for granted that he
should snatch Noel’s shares that she exchanged with her dignity?!

What right did he even have to ask her for help?!

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