Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 562

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“Mr. Sachs.” Cordy truly felt that he was not fit to be anyone’s father.

Simon’s face darkened upon hearing how Cordy addressed him.

“You said earlier that you’ve cut ties with Noel. What right do you have to ask her to hand over the
Sachs Enterprises shares that she owns?!”

“The shares belong to me in the first place!” Simon said self-righteously.

“If they did, they wouldn’t have ended up in Noel’s hands. You’re already advanced in years. Don’t be
so shameless!”

“You!” Simon raised his hand, wanting to slap Cordy’s face.

Richard immediately pulled Cordy behind him, and fury was written all over his face. “Don’t you dare hit

Warmth spread through Cordy’s heart.

Both were her kin, but some kin were truly not fit to be family.

Cordy caressed Richard’s face and chuckled. “Don’t be scared. He won’t dare to hit Mommy.”

It was true; Simon would not dare to hit her.

He was rather fearful of her, in fact.

After all, he had suffered much loss because of her.

Simon swung his arm down and said viciously, “My greatest regret in life is to raise you and Noel, you
two unfilial daughters!”

“I’m sure you have greater regrets coming your way.”

Cordy walked past Simon.

“Your just deserts are waiting to hit you in the face.”

Cordy walked off with Richard in hand, and Simon looked furiously at Cordy’s retreating figure.

One day, Cordy would regret opposing him like this!

In the visiting room, Cordy and Noel sat opposite each other.

Noel’s face was deathly pale and she looked like she had lost weight since the last time Cordy saw her.

She looked weak and frail not just physically but mentally as well.

“What do you want?” Cordy cut to the chase, with not an ounce of pity in her eyes.

Noel looked at Cordy and suddenly laughed out loud.

It was a laughter loaded with self-derision.

“Cordy Sachs,” she said, “Are you very happy to see me in this plight now?”

“You can say so.” Cordy was frank.

She did feel like Noel had received her just punishment.

“Why can’t I defeat you?!’ Noel asked, suddenly agitated.

“I thought that success was mine when I got into the Stuarts’ good books. How did I eventually end up
in such a terrible plight?! I just don’t understand! I’ve worked hard since young, trying my best to bring
you down and make a name for myself. I put in my all, yet why did things end up so bad for me?

Noel yelled at Cordy.

She vented all her frustrations over this period at Cordy.

She looked at Cordy with rage-reddened eyes as she went on. “How am I inferior to you? Why did you
end up living so well and I have to contend with a tarnished reputation?! I just can’t figure it out!”

Since Noel was imprisoned, she probably did not know that John had died.

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