Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 564

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“Noel, what you should be doing now is to cooperate with the police and admit your mistakes. For all
you know, that might help you get fewer years in your sentence.” Cordy gave Noel her sincerest

Over the years, this was the greatest show of compassion she extended to someone related to her by

“But what can I do after I get released? I’ll be looked down upon by others in disdain, called names,
and spat on like a rat on the streets!’ Tears filled Noel’s eyes at the prospect she spoke of.

Sorrow rose from within her.

Cordy, on the other hand, remained unmoved.

“Cordy, do you know what the greatest wish in my entire life is?”

“I don’t want to know.”

“My greatest wish is to defeat you and make everyone in the Sachs family bow down to me.”

“At the very least, you achieved that for a short while.”

“No, I didn’t. I have never defeated you, never! Yes, I have been jealous of you ever since we were
young. From the first time I saw you, I knew you were more beautiful than I am, you were born into high
society, you were brilliant and talented…” Tears fell down Noel’s cheeks, “All I ever wanted was to win
against you.”

“There’s always someone better than you in this world,” Cordy said apathetically.

“But I don’t understand why that must be so! Even if I understand it now, what’s the point?!” Noel asked
Cordy, yet it seemed as though she was asking that of herself.

“It’s never too late to get it,” Cordy said straightforwardly.

Noel looked at Cordy, slightly taken aback.

“I’m just sharing with you my perspective. It doesn’t mean that I condone your actions. Noel, perhaps
we were destined to be sisters only by blood and not in heart from the moment you saw me and
became jealous of me.” Cordy stood up. “Whatever you’ll be facing from here on is your own business.
I won’t come and see you again.”

Noel opened her mouth to say something further but eventually decided to keep quiet.

She silently looked at Cordy leaving with Richard.

Noel’s vision blurred as her lips curled in a sneer.

She nearly…very nearly said “I’m sorry” just now.

How could she allow herself to say that?

She was a wicked person who would stop at nothing for selfish gain, and she should not have any
regrets even till death!

After Cordy left the detention house, she still felt rather emotional.

Whatever was happening to Noel was Noel’s just deserts.

She should not have been emotionally affected by Noel.

It was also impossible that she would ever consider fighting a lawsuit for Noel.

“Mommy,” Richard called out to her.


“Was that lady we met just now your younger sister?”

“You can say so,” Cordy replied to him and asked him back, “Do you think Mommy went too far with

“Not at all,” Richard said firmly. “What goes around comes around. That lady had it coming by doing
what she did. What’s more, the law is just, and should be the one to decide her punishment given all
that she’s done. Mommy, don’t feel burdened by this.”

Warmth seeped through Cordy’s heart.

Did Richard sense what she was feeling and was that why he said those words to comfort her?

Cordy stopped the car at a red light and turned to caress Richard’s head.” Dicky, you’re the only one I
have left on this earth from now on. You’ll always stay by Mommy’s side, won’t you?”

“Of course I will,” Richard promised.

No matter how tough the going got, she could find the willpower to live on as long as she had Richard.

She would live on well.

‘So, John, is this the life without regrets that you wanted?!’

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