Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 568

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Those directors who were going against Cordy were the ones who were not contributing much to the

Their faces were dark with displeasure as well.

“Stop keeping us in suspense. What exactly are you proposing?” the director said coldly.

“Very simple. The additional 5 to 10% salary is based on performance. In other words, as long as the
director achieves their targets, I’ll reward him or her with an up to 10% increase in their salary. If the
targets are not met, they will be penalized with a 5 to 10% cut in their salaries,” Cordy said clearly.

Naturally, everyone was reluctant to accept her suggestion.

However, Cordy did not give them a chance to speak up. ’I said that I am in full agreement with what
President Sachs said earlier, but verbal recognition isn’t that much meaningful. True recognition should
be accompanied by tangible benefits, and the best way I can think of to highlight the gap between the
leadership board and our employees is a performance commission.”

“Chairman Sachs, we do have a performance commission, but you’re adding another one on top of it.
Wouldn’t that make things confusing? We’re up to our necks in work every day and you’re still giving us
so many tests. Have you thought of the pressure we’re facing?” One of the directors could not help but
speak up.

“Everyone faces pressure and even companies do too. Director Jones, don’t you think it’s pressurizing
to see Sachs Enterprises’ annual profits declining year by year? Since the stakeholders and I are
bearing that pressure, as part of the pillar of the company, shouldn’t the senior management bear the

pressure and responsibility as well?!” Cordy said emphatically. “Companies don’t just function as a safe
refuge. Sometimes, it also needs its people to brave the winds and waves with it!”

“But…” Another director wanted to speak up.

“This is a necessary move I’ll make. If any director finds it unacceptable, you can raise it with me
privately or resign. Sachs Enterprises keeps its doors open for everyone here and sincerely hopes that
everyone will stay and fight on together for quality growth of the company. But if you have a better
pursuit elsewhere, Sachs Enterprises will respect your decision too,” Cordy said clearly.

The directors exchanged glances with each other. Given what Cordy had said, no one else dared to
say anything further at the meeting.

What’s more, the economy has been doing poorly in recent years.

It would not be easy finding another opening at the same position with the same pay after they quit.
Most importantly, they had to start all over again.

“Regarding the revised performance-based salaries for the senior management, I request for the
human resources department to draft the final proposal to me in one week’s time. If there are no issues
with the proposal, we’ll implement the system starting this month. The meeting is adjourned!”

She had no need to ask for anyone’s approval.

Cordy simply announced dictatorially.

She stood up to leave.

Before she left, she deliberately walked over to Simon and said with a smile, ’Dad, we’re counting on
you from now on.”

She deliberately emphasized her address of him as “Dad”.

She did it in front of everyone, clearly so that everyone would see.

She wanted everyone to misunderstand that the performance-based salary system was something that
she had discussed and planned with Simon and that their argument at the meeting today was nothing
but the two of them playing along with each other.

That way, Simon would not benefit in any way.

That way, those who wanted to privately find Simon to oppose the new system would not dare do so.

It was the best of both worlds!

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