Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 570

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Cordy drank the honey water while re-reading Richard’s note, his show of love and concern for her.

These three years, Richard was like a ball of warmth that never failed to love and take care of her.

He was clearly still a child, yet he was trying to grow up overnight into a man.

Cordy sipped on the cup of honey water and brought the warm milk upstairs. She hesitated for a
moment at the stairwell before finally deciding to go into Richard’s room.

Richard was already asleep.

He was sleeping very soundly.

After all, his days at school were long and tiring.

She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

If she did not have Richard, she was not sure if it was possible for her to survive over the past three

She was not sure if she could hang on and live well for the next three, or even thirty, years.

For some reason, as time went on, her longing for John became deeper and deeper with time.

It had become so deep that she sometimes felt possessed.

Wasn’t it said that time heals all wounds?!

Yet why was it that the more time passed, the more difficult she felt things got?

She desperately missed John during this period.

Whenever she closed her eyes as things around her quietened down, all she could see was John. It
was so clear and so haunting.

Cordy returned to her own room, lay on her bed, and switched the lights off.

Darkness befell.

That deep longing in her heart almost swallowed her whole…

The next day, Cordy woke up and got out of bed.

Many times, she found herself looking forward to day break.

It was only when the sun rose, lighting up the night sky, that she could stop her imagination from
running wild.

When she reached downstairs, she saw Richard seated properly at the dining table, eating his

He would always wake up earlier than her.

To be accurate, Cordy was making Richard think that she always woke up later than him.

“Mommy,” Richard greeted her obediently.

Richard had grown much taller over the past three years.

He was already five feet three in height, almost as tall as Cordy was.

She even felt an inexplicable sense of security with him around her.

Her only regret was that Richard looked too much like John. In fact, he looked more and more like John
as he grew older.

How was she ever able to forget John, given how much Richard resembled him?

“I’m heading to the capital today and will only be back either tomorrow or the day after,” Cordy sat next
to Richard and ate her breakfast with him.” Stay at home with Lawrence, okay?”

“Okay.” Richard nodded.

He had always been an independent child.

Not only was he independent, but he could even take good care of Cordy.

“I’ll try my best to come back tomorrow,’ Cordy promised.

“Okay. But don’t rush yourself too much, Mommy. Your health is most important,” Richard said

“I will.”

“Oh yes. Grandaunt called me just now, asking when we can go back to Levine Manor for a meal. She
said that she missed me and asked me to ask you for a day and time.’ Richard suddenly recalled the
call and asked,” Mommy, do you have time to go back to Levine Manor and visit Grandaunt with me?”

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