Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 571

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Cordy told Dicky, ‘Til confirm the time with Nancy once I come home.”

“Okay, Mommy. I’m done eating-l’m going to school now.”

“I’ll drive you,” Cordy said, putting down her knife and fork.

Dicky frowned. “Shouldn’t you get some rest? You drank a lot last night.”

“I don’t feel anything since I’ve had honey and warm milk,” Cordy smiled.” All thanks to my baby.”

Dicky blushed a little-it had been years, but there was no changing that shyness.

How was he going to date girls when he got older?

Cordy sent him to school, and felt a little emotional as he watched Dicky enter the school with his
towering frame.

She thought it had been a while since she saw her shrink, and had her chauffeur take her to the private

“Cordy,” Jim Brown, her personal shrink, greeted her warmly. “You’ve actually made time to visit.”

Cordy smiled, but said flatly, “My insomnia’s been getting worse.”

“Come on in.”

Jim led Cordy into this office.

It was a homely room, giving anyone a sense of comfort as soon as they entered since it was
decorated specifically for patients like her.

As Cordy lay down on the soft cushion of the chaise lounge, Jim brought her a fur blanket, and poured
her the black tea he brewed as he chatted with her nonchalantly, “Any pressure from work lately?”

“No. That’s why I’m losing sleep.”

“Because you’re missing John?”

“I went nights without sleep,” she said.

She actually wanted to say that she missed John through the nights, to the point that she couldn’t sleep
the entire night.

But John was all she could think about-especially the moment when he left her, telling her that he
regretted nothing.

Good for him.

Cordy, on the other hand, was left with all the regrets she could possibly have.

“You know he’s dead,” Jim said, passing her a glass of black tea.

Cordy took a sip. “I know. I never believed that he was alive, and I’d never dare think of it that way. I
might suffer a breakdown if I did.”

“But you can’t forget him,” Jim said, lighting a scented candle that released a relaxing aroma.

“I can’t, no matter how much I try,” Cordy said, putting down her tea cup and closing her eyes. “He’s
there whenever there’s silence, and he’s there when I close my eyes…”

“Then don’t push yourself to forget. It might only make it worse the more you did,” Jim suggested.

“But my memory of him is seriously affecting my life. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep-l can’t even be interested
in anything.”

“Do you remember what I suggested before?”

His voice was deep and magnetic, which offered a sense of security.

Cordy often came here when her thoughts were getting to her, to talk to him and actually sleep.

“Which suggestion?”

Jim chuckled. “That you should start dating again.”

Cordy felt an aching on her chest.

Dating again?

Fall in love again?

But… What about John?

“Perhaps you believe that you’d be doing John an injustice?” Jim asked her.

“Yeah.” Cordy nodded.

“You just hadn’t accepted the truth that he is gone, and he no longer exists in this world. That’s why he
would never know or care whatever you did-it has nothing to do with him, whether you’re dating,
marrying or just being happy with another man.”

Cordy bit her lip tightly, while Jim continued to hit the nail on the head.

“You’re afraid of forgetting about him…when you should, or your health would be seriously affected.”

Cordy chose to evade the issue. “I wanted to sleep for a while.”

“Go on,” Jim smiled.

Patients should never be rushed, but Cordy’s condition was quite serious.

Either way, she slept the entire afternoon, and opened her eyes to see that Jim was still beside her,
keeping her company.

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