Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 572

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“Did you sleep well?”

Jim only spoke to Cordy when he saw her woke up, and mildly at that.

“Quite,” Cordy stretched her back-she always came to unwind when she felt like collapsing. “I’ll be
going now.”

“Okay.” Jim walked her to the door, when he smiled and said, ’You really should consider my

“Yeah,” Cordy replied half-heartedly.

Returning to her car, she whipped out her phone which she put on mute. She saw several missed-calls,
but ignored them and called Randy instead.” I’m going to the airport right now. Bring my luggage over.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Cordy lowered her phone and stared at the view outside.

Start dating again?

Easy for him to say!

When Cordy disembarked from her private jet at the capital, Sean was already waiting at the airport.

He led her to his car, and took her straight to the venue for the fashion show-they really were short on

Still, he didn’t say anything, and instead asked, “When do you plan to go back?”

“That depends on your arrangements,” Cordy replied flatly. “Would you let me leave after we’re done
touring the exhibit?”

“No,” Sean answered definitively.

Cordy rolled her eyes-then why would he ask at all?

“Are you having dinner with Maron tonight, or me?” Sean asked again.

“Maron. It’s been agreed.”

“Can I attend too?”

“That would be inconvenient.”

While Sean stared at Cordy, she continued, “Don’t forget that your wife is still having her postpartum
care. She might kill you if you don’t head home to take care of her and your child.”

Sean said nothing after that, and the journey to the exhibit hall was quiet.

Every VIP in fashion was there, along with some important politicians.

The fashion show was world famous, after all.

Cordy hadn’t remained in her seat for that long when she told Sean, “I’ll greet Maron at the backstage.”

Sean nodded, and she headed backstage with a crew’s guidance.

Backstage preparations were at a tense juncture, and Cordy clearly sensed how nervous everyone

However, she felt as if the rowdiness was a completely different world.

She turned, and was about to head to Maron when she suddenly froze, and stayed motionless.

A familiar figure appeared before her for just a split second, but her heart felt like it would stop.

The crew, startled by her sudden reaction, asked tentatively, “Miss Sachs?” It looked like her soul left
her body.

As Cordy turned, a teardrop trickled out of the corner of her eyes. The next instant, she gave chase,
running erratically as if her very life depended on it.

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