Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 573

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A familiar voice suddenly called behind her. “Cordy?”

However, Cordy seemed not to hear him. All she could see was that familiar figure, almost
disappearing into the crowd…

“What’s gotten into you, Cordy?’

She suddenly felt someone gripping her arm firmly, and bellowed furiously,” Let me go!”

Patrick was stunned by her outburst. As he released her, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Cordy turned to look, but that familiar figure was already gone.

She looked around. The changing room was very spacious, but there was no finding that person with
the countless fashion models all staying in the same place.

Were her eyes playing tricks on her?

But that split second felt so real!

“What are you staring at? Were you looking for someone?” Patrick asked her.

However, Cordy bit her lip and said nothing.

“Who was it you’re looking for? You’re acting strange, Cordy.” Patrick studied her, his eyes showing a
hint of worry.

It had been a while since she behaved like this, too-he was under the impression that Cordy would be
devastated and just give up after John’s death. He was therefore surprised that she was doing well

alone, even keeping a rational mind as she developed her career to new heights.

He often met her on business or social calls, and she had been so calm that he wondered if she didn’t
love John that much-which could explain her apathy towards his death.

That was, until a certain occasion when he inadvertently mentioned John in a professional situation.

Just the name alone left Cordy’s tears gushing out uncontrollably.

She didn’t actually react, but her tears fell as if she didn’t realize it herself, and continued to discuss
business nonchalantly.

It was only then that he found out Cordy had hid all her misery, and was holding it in.

In reality, her agony might be beyond what anyone could imagine.

Since then, Patrick never saw Cordy react the same.

No matter whom she faced or how terrible things got, she always remained calm and composed.

Patrick therefore had the nagging feeling that her disguise would soon crumble, and her emotions
would implode when her body could no longer take the strain.

He didn’t want to imagine what she would be like when it does happen.

“It’s nothing,” Cordy said.

She was suddenly calm, reverting to the way she had been before—as if that outburst never happened.

In Cordy’s mind, she may have mistook that person, or even hallucinated.

She missed John too much lately, after all.

Coming to her senses, she looked at Patrick and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“Maron invited me too,” Patrick replied. “I’m more or less involved in fashion.”

“What?” Cordy actually had no idea.

Since when? And he was a born and bred politician, was he not?!

Three years ago, William Stuart’s side of the family collapsed completely.

For their involvement in blackmailing and other crimes, James Stuart, Andy Stuart, and Wendy Stone
were all sentenced to jail terms of thirty years, twenty years and eighteen years respectively.

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