Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 574

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The authorities showed William Stuart one last gesture of respect by not punishing him. However, all
Stuart Holdings assets were legally seized and liquidated to reimburse the victims, after which William
was exiled abroad; to the masses, his departure was dressed up as retiring.

And once William was gone, Monty Stuart’s side of the family took over.

They did not need Stuart Holdings, since their partnership with Cordy already provided them with plenty
of financial freedom. As for politics, Monty always retained a place in the hierarchy, which shielded him
from William’s scandal.

After three years of augmenting, the Stuarts remained one of the four top families in the nation.

However, with Patrick being the heir and constantly active in politics, how did he spare the time to get
involved with fashion?

“I’m your partner and your business is fashion. That makes me halfinvolved,” Patrick said, as if it made
perfect sense.

Cordy sighed. “Fine. You win.”

“For you,’ Patrick said, handing her the bouquet of fresh roses he had been holding.

Cordy merely stared at it.

“Don’t like it?” he asked.

“You know I don’t like you,” she said bluntly.

“Could you not break my heart?” Patrick retorted, sounding a little hurt.

Cordy was in turn speechless, but she had no idea what the issue was here.

Patrick was supposed to be gay, wasn’t he? Why was he wooing her now? And so brazenly-even

Be it in private or in public, he wasn’t hiding his affection towards her.

Cordy presumed that he was just giving in because of his political career, to get a woman to make
himself look normal. That was why she made it very clear to him that she wouldn’t compromise herself
like that and accept such a sexless marriage.

He in turn righteously refused to accept her rejection, claiming that he was actually bisexual, and was
only interested in men because of certain incidents.

He even thanked her for ’fixing’ him!

On the other hand, Cordy’s opinion was that this version of him needed even more fixing, which was
why she would clearly reject him every time he puts the move on her.

“Stop wasting your time on me if you don’t want me to break your heart,” she said, striding past him
and walking towards the staff member again.” Sorry about the interruption. Please take me to Maron.”

“Of course,” the staff member replied. “This way please, Miss Sachs.*

However, when Cordy started to leave, Patrick started to follow her.

“Don’t follow me,” Cordy snapped at him. “Maron doesn’t like strangers.”

With that, she stormed off with the staff member, while Patrick was left staring at the bouquet of roses
in his hand, suffering yet another snubbing.

The path to Cordy’s heart was as long as it was difficult.

After having some small talk with Maron at the breakroom, Cordy was worried about imposing, and so
told Maron about dinner tonight before leaving.

As she stepped out, she ran straight into Bob, who was surprised to see her.

Still, he soon understood. “Here to see Maron?”

“You too?” Cordy asked.

“No.” Bob smiled. “I’m just keeping Cora company.”

Cordy nodded.

Cora was doing very well for herself in showbiz, equalling Zoe-arguably surpassing her, in fact. Cora
was actually not at all impressive herself, but there were many backing her. With the endless resources
at her disposal, being able to take to the international scene would be no surprise.

Cordy, however, didn’t expect Bob to date Cora for just as long…

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