Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 577

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“Could you please keep it down?”

Before Jay could reply, someone behind Bob reprimanded Bob; clearly, their conversation was affecting
the person watching the fashion show.

Bob bit his lip and restrained himself despite his frustration.

Jay said nothing in turn, and kept his eyes on the fashion show as if the mention of Zoe didn’t faze him
the slightest.

Up front, Cordy was still watching the fashion show seriously until a certain male model stepped up to
the catwalk halfway through.

All eyes in the room seemed to lit up as they focused on his towering, handsome frame and his sharp

There were many international supermodels in attendance, yet that unfamiliar face stood out

Cordy seemed to hear gasps from all the ladies sitting around her, and the crowd seemed to have
grown somewhat restless again.

Countless shutters flashed as everyone took photos of the male supermodel.

“He does look good-even from a man’s perspective,” Patrick commented.

He usually had a high standard when it comes to men’s looks, since men usually preferred to look at

The male supermodel before them, however, was attractive enough to draw the gazes of both men and
women. It was why there was a rule that most designers wouldn’t get a model who was too attractive,
since the crowd may ignore their designs in favor of the model’s looks.

Only an internationally renowned designer like Maron would have the guts to pick such an attractive

Even Jay’s gaze changed ever so slightly as he stared at the male supermodel.

Casting was a force of habit as a film director, and Jay could tell that this male supermodel would enjoy
a meteoric rise in showbiz.

After all, all anyone cared about was looks these days.

Even Bob, who needed some effort to calm down, couldn’t help speaking out loud when he saw the
man. “Don’t you think he looks a little familiar?”

Jay frowned.

He had been merely judging the man’s market value, but after hearing that from Bob, the sense of
familiarity hit him.

The supermodel looked just like Johnny.

Jay couldn’t quite see the resemblance in facial features, but both simply felt alike.

The resemblance only became more obvious when the supermodel walked up to the edge of the
catwalk and turned.

Meanwhile, Cordy felt her breath escape her lungs.

That had to be the person she saw on the backstage…and she had thought she imagined it!

Though he looked completely different from John from the front, his side and back profile was identical
to John’s.

Cordy’s body trembled, and she almost rose to her feet at that instant.

Sean promptly caught her before she could do so, and Patrick noticed his sharp intervention as well.

Sean told Cordy, slowly and sharply, “No, it’s not him.’

Cordy’s vision was blurring, however-the more it did, the more she saw that the man walking further
away resembled John from behind.

She recalled the moment of their parting as he turned around to leave with Jessica…

Cordy’s whole body was shaking even as she tried to restrain herself.

Maybe, just maybe…

John was still alive?

They never found his body, after all. No matter how deep the sea went and how easily a single tide
could wash anything away, the fact that John was never found made everything possible.

Maybe, just maybe…

Maybe John was disfigured—since such a terrible explosion would definitely have hurt his face, he may
have undergone reconstructive surgery

More and more outlandish thoughts crossed Cordy’s mind, and her heart pounded violently the more
she thought.

She feared that John would disappear from her life once more.

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