Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 580

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Over the last three years, Cordy had never felt this way.

But Lucas was already gone, and the frustration of not being able to vent made her even more

Maron entered the lounge just then, and asked her, ” ‘What’s wrong? You look like you’re in a bad

He sounded like she was in a very good mood-he certainly would be, since the fashion show was a
total success.

“It’s nothing. Just feeling a little hungry,” Cordy smiled faintly—she would never vent her emotions on
those unconcerned.

“Sorry I’ve kept you waiting. Come, let’s go eat.”

Maron picked up the bag and smartphone he left in the lounge without delay, and stepped out of the
venue with Cordy.

Suddenly, he remembered something. “By the way, a friend will be joining us. You won’t mind, will

“No, I don’t.’ Cordy smiled.

Maron liked making friends, having made many across the world. He was a little different from other
successful fashion designers who were more aloof, but this may also be a reason he was so

As they headed to the entrance of the fashion show, however, a familiar figure stood there in wait.

Cordy’s heart seemed to race everytime she saw him, but she forced herself to look away.

Maron then said, “Over here, Lucas.’

Cordy watched as Lucas walked right up to them, and she could see the irritation in his eyes when he
saw her.

Cordy pursed her lips-she didn’t expect that the friend Maron was referring to was Lucas; she would’ve
said no if she knew earlier.

“Cordy Sachs, otherwise known as Lovely, an internationally renowned fashion designer and a
business woman,” Maron introduced Cordy. Then, he introduced Lucas to Cordy. him, “This is Lucas
Lynch-a friend of mine and half Zidonian.”

“Hello.” Cordy offered a handshake out of respect for Maron.

Lucas merely glanced at it before replying flatly, “Pleased to meet you.’

It was obvious he had no intention to reciprocate Cordy’s friendly gesture.

Cordy lowered her hand in turn, trying her best not to let her feelings show.

Maron chuckled to smooth things over. “Lucas can be a little capricious. Don’t take offense, Lovely.”

“I won’t.” Cordy smiled.

With that, they got in the same sedan together, with Maron riding shotgun and Cordy rode in the
backseat with Lucas.

Since Maron was the one who invited them to dinner, he was the one who picked the restaurant and
was therefore the host, thus why he rode shotgun.

And yet, the arrangement left Cordy feeling a little awkward.

She could clearly feel Lucas sitting as close to the car door as possible to keep his distance, which left
her speechless.

However, since she couldn’t say anything when Maron was around, she stayed in her seat quietly,
keeping her gaze fixed outside the window and the back of her head towards Lucas.

Maron was talkative, however, and kept a conversation going on the journey, so the air between them
wasn’t that awkward…until the driver suddenly made a sharp swerve.

Caught offguard, Cordy fell abruptly onto Lucas’s body; she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist
by instinct, shocked.

“What was that?” Maron asked, unnerved.

“I’m so sorry,” the chauffeur quickly apologized. “That car suddenly cut us off, and I almost ran into it. I
had to make a quick swerve.”

“Just drive slower.”

“I’ll watch out next time.’

As the ride grew steady once more, Cordy sighed in relief. That was when an icy voice spoke from
above, ’Hadn’t you had enough?!”

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