Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 582

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Even so, Lucas was adamant. “I’m afraid I shouldn’t trouble Miss Sachs, especially since I don’t know

“You do now, don’t you?” Maron said, spreading his hands.

Why else would he ask them to join him in dinner together?

Lucas’s phone rang before he could speak, and his expression changed ever so slightly when he saw

“Sorry, I need to take this,” he said. Then, he rose to his feet and left.

Maron watched as Lucas left. He then turned to tell Cordy, saying, “Don’t get upset with him. He seems
difficult, but he’s actually a good man. He went through great lengths to help me with all the problems I
had in Minerva.”

“Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot,” Cordy said, not intending to hide anything—nor did she have
the capacity to keep doing so.

“Well, it’s not you he’s upset with,” Maron sighed. “He can’t be blamed, either. I mean, you can see how
good looking he is. All the ladies always flock to him. In fact, there was one crazy broad who even went
as far as kidnapping him-that’s why he’s traumatized by women.”

Cordy was a little shocked by that. To think that another woman could be that crazy!

“It’s true,” Maron nodded.

“In that case, you shouldn’t have introduced him to me,” Cordy pointed out.

“Well…” Maron revealed his personal agenda. “It’s just… I find you a perfect fit for him.”

Cordy almost spat out her drink.

Since when did Maron start playing cupid?!

“I mean, you’ve been single for years,” Maron explained, “and I was just thinking about introducing you
to someone nice. Still, there weren’t that many who’d be a fitting match. That is, until I met Lucas last
year. I mean, I immediately thought that you two are perfect together…”

Cordy promptly rejected Maron right then and there. “You really shouldn’t play matchmaker randomly,
Maron. I understand your kindness, but we’re quite simply a poor fit. And you could tell that he’s really
hostile to me.”

She actually wondered how disgusted Lucas would be with her if he knew that Maron intended to set
them up together.

Naturally, she had no reason to care how a stranger perceived her. However, there was no reason to
humiliate herself on purpose either.

Maron had more to say when Lucas returned from his call.” Sorry, that’s my girlfriend.”

“You have a girlfriend?” Maron exclaimed in agitation.

“I do,” Lucas replied calmly.

“You never told me!”

“You never asked,” Lucas countered.

Feeling a little awkward, Maron turned towards Cordy, who simply shrugged.

Lucas seemed to notice the exchange, and said bluntly, “I’m not interested in most women. The ones
who throw themselves at me especially sickens me.”

Cordy had enough of his attitude. She snapped hotly at him,” Mr. Lynch. We don’t know each other,
and we shall stay strangers after tonight, even though we met thanks to Maron’s introduction.
Therefore, there’s no need for you to explain anything. It’s your conceited attitude tonight that gives me
the sense that I should really make things very clear to you.”

Lucas scowled, but Maron was oddly excited to watch the turn of events, even as Cordy glared at

“First and foremost, I’ll make it very clear that I’m not interested in you. I admit, I allowed my gaze to
linger at first because you closely resemble a dear friend of mine.

Secondly, I have a ten-year old son. I’m even less interested in some young’un the likes of you. Last
but not least, I can get picky; I make a point to stay away from men of incorrigible arrogance and

Holding Lucas’s gaze, Cordy concluded slowly and somberly, “As such, Mr. Lynch… You can rest easy
in the knowledge that I’ll never be interested in you, even if every other man in this world is gone.”

With those words, she turned towards Maron without caring about Lucas’s reaction. “The food is good,
but the company is poor, and I’ve lost my appetite. Sorry, but I have to excuse myself for now-let’s meet
alone tomorrow.”

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