Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 586

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Cordy was aware that Lucas had no interest in her, since he never batted an eye when he saw her
naked outside.

In truth, she just wanted to retaliate at him for being so conceited and thinking that she wanted to
seduce him.

Lucas, fed up with her outburst, growled through his teeth,” Shut up!”

Cordy refused to listen, however, and kept twisting and struggling beneath him as she tried to push him

Even if he didn’t look fat, he was as heavy as a steel bar; his weight could crush her!

“Don’t you dare move!” he threatened.

“Just get off me already, you pervert!” Cordy screamed, wanting nothing less than to vent all the
grievances she suffered because of him.

Lucas’s eyes narrowed as he threatened coolly, “Pervert, was it?”

There was a dangerous flash in his eyes, and Cordy’s chest tightened in response.

She tried to push him away again as she continued to snap, ” Get off me-mmph!”

Cordy’s eyes widened as Lucas suddenly kissed her.

How dare he!

With zero hesitation, she opened her mouth and bit down his lips viciously with her teeth!


Lucas released Cordy, and touched his lips in shock.

She had drawn blood!

He glared at her viciously. “Are you crazy?!”

“You’re the crazy one! You hate women who throw themselves at you, don’t you? Why did you kiss
me?” Cordy snapped, wiping her lips hard. “You’re disgusting.”

There was rage in Lucas’s eyes; he was upset to see Cordy regarding him so disdainfully.

“Get off me!” Cordy shrieked, her temper at its limit.

“Stop shouting!” he yelled back at her, but ultimately got off her.

If he didn’t, there was no telling what dangerous methods she’d use to seduce him.

She was actually smarter than other women…he almost had a reaction!

After so many years having so many women trying to court him, all he felt was disgust; it was certainly
nothing like that instinctive reaction from before.

Breathing a deep sigh of relief to himself, he threw Cordy’s clothes at her before she could get to her
feet. “Put those on and get out!”

With that, he left without so much as a glance; as if he never considered helping her at all.

The hostile attitude certainly almost left Cordy out of her mind with anger.

How did a man as despicable as Lucas Lynch exist in this world?!

She glanced at her clothes which he had left all over the floor, including her bra and panties.

She took a deep breath and told herself that right now, the best thing to do was put on her clothes and
leave-after which she would never see him again.

With that in mind, she promptly took off the towel which was still dangling on her body. She forgot to
close the door, since she wanted to get dressed as soon as she could.

But the instant she pulled the towel off, Lucas rushed back into the bathroom.

Once again, he had a full view of her naked body.

She flushed, but he snapped at her before she could.

“Don’t you close the door when you get changed? Do you really like being seen naked by men that

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