Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 588

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In other words, Cordy’s face mask was still in Lucas’s room.

She made it a habit to use one every night-she was 29, and had to do some upkeep.

At the thought that Lucas was going to give her a telling off if she went to get it now, she simply gave

Seeing that it was too late for deliveries, she simply got in bed to sleep.

It had been a busy day, and exhaustion seized her as she lay down.

She probably wouldn’t need sleeping pills either…

But as she started to doze off, she was jolted awake by an abrupt knock on her door, which made her
jump awake.

It was so difficult for her to get some natural sleep!

Who the hell was that?!

Furious, she threw off her blanket and got out of bed, her hair a mess as she opened the door violently.

Lucas stood outside her door, his bathrobe loosely draped over his shoulders and baring his chest.

His hair was dripping wet, and he was almost soaked through.

“What are you doing, dressed like that in the middle of the

night?” Cordy demanded, annoyed.

“Watch your attitude, Miss Sachs! I was kind enough to bring your face mask!” Lucas said as he held
out the box of face masks to her.

It actually did seem that he noticed her box of face masks after he showered, and had brought it all the
way here for her.

Was he really capable of being nice? She somehow doubted that, and even had the nagging feeling
that he was up to no good.

However, Lucas noticed the judgemental look in her eyes. His temper flared right then. “Well, do you
want it? Or should I throw it instead?!”

Cordy snatched it out of his hands immediately, and slammed her door shut with a loud bang.

It was so abrupt that she almost hit Lucas’s face, but he bore with it and turned around, heading back
to his room.

Meanwhile, Cordy returned to bed.

What on earth did she do to deserve suffering the misfortune of meeting Lucas Lynch? Damn him!

She was left tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep at all -and sleep had always been a rarity for
her, too!

She wanted nothing less than to stay away from Lucas for the rest of her life.

Cordy basically went the whole night without sleep, and had to drag her exhausted body out of bed the
next day.

She didn’t know if she imagined it, but her body felt floaty.

It seemed she had caught a cold after being exposed to the icy breeze outdoors last night.

She didn’t take notice, however, and simply washed up before answering Sean’s call.

“I’m outside your hotel right now. Should I come upstairs to get you, or wait for you downstairs?” Sean

“Just wait for me. I’ll be right downstairs.”

“There’s no rush. Take your time.”

Cordy hung up, and dropped to her crouch before her suitcase to find some light clothes.

Most were thin autumn clothes, but she didn’t usually wear layers since the place she went had

It might have been her cold, but she was feeling a little chilly.

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