Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 587

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At that moment, Cordy wanted nothing more than to rain her fists down on Lucas.

He had just seen her naked, and now, he was shouting out at her?!

What gave him the right?!

“You know I’m getting changed, but you came in here anyway?” she bellowed back at him. “What were
you up to? Aren’t you the one interested in my body? Stop pretending already!”

“You’re nuts!” Lucas spat, and ignored her naked body once more as he strode up to her.

He picked up the phone he had dropped earlier without knowing, and once again stalked off.


Cordy’s body was shaking with rage.

Why did she have to meet such a despicable man?!

After angrily putting on her clothes and making sure that she showed no skin, she strode out of the

Lucas was lying in bed and fiddling with his phone; his eyes shifted to her briefly when she came out,
but he said nothing.

Cordy didn’t say anything to him either. She picked up the room’s phone and called the front desk. In
an angry voice, she heaved, “What’s going on here? Which number is my room?!”

“Miss Sachs, is it?” the voice on the other end asked tentatively.


“Our manager is outside room 999. Would it be convenient if we came in and spoke with you?”

Cordy put down the receiver and grumpily opened the door.

There were five people outside, with the hotel manager in the lead; the rest were staff members.

“Come in,” Cordy said, and turned to head inside the room.

The hotel staff entered. Lucas remained in the bed, looking like he owned the place.

“I’m so sorry, Miss Sachs, but Helen, who checked you in, is a new staff member at the front desk. She
accidentally gave you the key card for 999 instead of the one for your room. I’m really sorry,” the
manager promptly apologized, just as the rest of the staff did.

Helen-the front desk receptionist who made the mistake, was pulled forward by the manager to
apologize as well.” I’m sorry, Miss Sachs. I’m really, really sorry…”

At the same time, the staff member beside Helen apologized too. “I was supposed to be instructing
Helen today, but I left for the washroom because of a stomach ache. I didn’t know it’d cause you so
much trouble, Miss Sachs. I’m so sorry!”

As the apologies piled on, Cordy inhaled sharply.

She really wanted to vent all the grievances she just suffered, since people must pay for their mistakes.

However, the hotel staff were apologizing with utmost sincerity. Cordy watched Helen shaking in fear;
she expected the girl to be punished by the management anyway.

She bore with it and simply asked, “Where’s my room?”

“I’ll lead you there if you would follow me, Miss Sachs,” Helen said quickly.

Cordy said nothing else and promptly turned to clean up her belongings, shoving the dirty clothes
hapdashedly into her open luggage case.

Meanwhile, Lucas never said a word, as if he was not a part of it—all he wanted was for those people
to leave his room as soon as possible.

Once Cordy was done packing, Helen promptly helped her carry her luggage and said eagerly, “This
way please, Miss Sachs.”

After Cordy left with the hotel staff, the hotel manager apologized to Lucas. He was scowling, but didn’t
make things harder for the hotel manager.

With that, the hotel manager left gingerly while the group escorted Cordy to her hotel room, apologizing
profusely again before leaving.

Finally in her room now, Cordy opened her luggage case again and lay in bed.

She felt exhausted for some reason, and there was that unpleasant encounter with Lucas too…

Whatever. She refused to think.

Changing into her pajamas right then, she was going to put on her face mask when she remembered
she left it in the bathroom before.

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