Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 590

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The elderly woman was still fuming. After moving away, she growled, “Youngsters these days… They
leave their manners at home!”

Not one to back down, Lucas retorted, “So you didn’t turn senile with age. You’re just rotten in the first

Cordy watched as that elderly woman grew livid, and felt cathartic for a second-women of this type tend
to throw the weight of their seniority around to disrespect everyone.

Soon, the elevator reached the lobby, and the elderly woman left with the others in a huff.

Cordy shifted, and Lucas quickly released her as if he touched something filthy. He didn’t forget to
mock her.” Don’t give yourself too much credit. You’d be pushed towards me if that woman kept
pushing you-that’s why I snapped at her. Also, I despise physical contact the most.”

“I never did,” Cordy replied as she strode out of the elevator.

She wanted to thank him, but then thought that it was unnecessary.

She strode straight towards the hotel entrance, and caught a chilling breeze in the face the instant the
doors opened.

She couldn’t stop her body from shivering in the cold as she stepped out, where Sean was waiting.

Seeing that she was dressed so thinly, he put a gentle arm around her and opened the door for her to
ride shotgun.

When a pair of women just entering the hotel saw them, one of them couldn’t help but say, “Wow,
dressed so thinly in such cold weather? But to be fair, she’s attractive as her figure is stunning.”

“You don’t need warmth when you have grace, though I’d rather wrap myself when it’s so cold.”

“Me too. I don’t get it… Why would she dress so thinly for?”

“What else?” The other woman giggled. “I’d go naked if I had someone drive me around in a Rolls.”

“Sour grapes,” her friend laughed alongside her.

Lucas walked past them, and saw Cordy getting in the Rolls- Royce with another man.

He sneered-he too felt that Cordy was dressed too thinly, and at first wanted to tell her out of kindness.

Still, considering that they basically had nothing to do with one another, he decided that meddling was

Fortunately he never did say anything, since everyone lived the way they liked.

However, he still felt that her body was unusually warm when he was holding her before.

The woman really could push herself when she wanted something.

In the car, Cordy felt cold even though Sean had raised the temperature of the car heater.

“Let’s go shopping,” she said. “The capital’s too cold.”

“I thought you’re not afraid of the cold,” Sean teased.

He was the type of man who would satisfy anyone’s needs, but he wouldn’t go out of his way to be

That was why he didn’t offer to take her shopping, despite knowing full well that she was freezing.

Talk about men with toxic masculinity tendencies…

Still, they eventually arrived at the mall. There, Cordy made a beeline for the down jacket section.

She had just entered when she ran into Lucas; immediately, she wondered if there was some bad mojo
drawing them together.

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