Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 591

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Cordy had no idea how many times they ran into each other by chance since yesterday.

And judging from the look in Lucas’s eyes, she knew that he must be thinking that she was following

She promptly put a hand around Sean’s arm, who appeared surprised by her action.

Cordy had never taken the initiative in the years since he met her.

The sudden gesture made him smile, and the smile turned gloating as he turned to see Lucas.

At the same time, Cordy scowled a little-Lucas had never been nice to her, and he was even prejudiced
against her just because she allowed her eyes to linger on him a little yesterday at Maron’s backstage

Still, leaving a good impression was unnecessary when it came to strangers. So, she simply kept her
hands around Sean and strode past Lucas.

A shop assistant promptly received them, but Cordy didn’t have any style in mind since she just needed
something warm. Thus, she told the shop assistant to pick a clothing article for her at random.

The shop assistant naturally did so, and promptly whipped out three designer styles while saying, “I
think these three would fit you, ma’am. Oh, and this one comes in a couple’s set. Would you like your
partner to try it?”

Cordy glanced through them and said, “No, it’s fine. Just pack up the lady’s one for me.”

“Of course. The payment desk is this way, ma’am,” the shop assistant gestured respectfully.

“I’ll pay,” Sean said, following them.

Cordy didn’t refuse, since Sean was plenty rich and wouldn’t miss the money.

The international mall was for luxury items, and the heater was plenty warm.

However, Cordy still felt cold even after she put on the coat.

She was standing before the mirror as she checked her reflection absent-mindedly, while waiting for
Sean to pay and rejoin her.

Just then, she saw Lucas stepped out from the changing room as well. Seeing him, she almost spat an

He was holding the male design for the couple’s set that the shop assistant had just introduced, and
she was wearing the female’s design right now.

Lucas saw that clearly when he stepped outside, and flashed another smile of disdain-as if she
deliberately picked it to match him.

Cordy promptly took off her jacket, and Lucas followed suit.

With that, both of them were left staring at each other, and

Cordy suddenly realized something important.

Why was she playing along to his whims? Why couldn’t she buy the dress she liked? And this one was
the one she liked!

Sean just happened to return after paying for the coat.

Seeing that she was a little angry, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Let’s go,” Cordy said, and pulled Sean along to leave.

Since Lucas hates her that much, he would never wear anything matching her-he was going to have to
change either way, and she wouldn’t compromise her aesthetic values for him.

Sean turned to look at Lucas as he left, obviously recognizing himself as the male model they saw
yesterday, who bore a strong resemblance to John Levine.

“You seem hostile to him,” he smiled as he turned back to Cordy. “Don’t tell me-he’s the one who made
you so upset last night?”

“Yeah,” Cordy replied, exasperated.

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