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Chapter 592

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Sean continued, “He really resembles John, and even carries his bearing. Are you really-“

“No, he doesn’t,” Cordy snapped, cutting him short. “You’d know that he and John have nothing in
common if you had the displeasure of his acquaintance.”

Sean smiled faintly, actually surprised that the day would come when someone could push Cordy
buttons to this extent.

Nonetheless, they returned to his car; Sean took her straight to Cranston House.

Cordy inhaled sharply.

“Nervous?” Sean asked.

“No, just not used to it,” she replied.

“Just come back more often, and you’d get used to it.”

“Don’t bother talking me into it,” Cordy said bluntly. “My mom left all those years ago, and that makes it
very clear that this place isn’t all that nice.”

Sean actually had nothing to say about that-his family was really nothing to brag about. Otherwise, his
aunt-that is, Cordy’s mother-wouldn’t have cut all ties with Sean’s grandfather just to run away from

As they strode into the front hall, they found Jesse, Sean’s grandfather, already waiting for them.

The whole family was there with him.

Sean’s father Liam and his wife Lana Quayle, along with Sean’s brother, sat next to Jesse. Liam’s
younger brother Paul was in turn seated with his wife Demi Larkin, and with them were their children
Linus and Nicole.

Their relationship was certainly conflicted and rife with power struggles; had John survived, Sean would
already have him here to help with his bid to become heir.

It was just a couple years ago when Cordy rediscovered her connection to the Cranstons, when Jesse
personally visited her in North City. At the time, he showed her the many photos he kept of her mother
since her childhood, as well as photos of her mother in the company of other Cranstons. He told her
then that her mother was his youngest daughter, and she his granddaughter.

She finally realized why her mother always told her not to show her face to the press-her mother didn’t
want the Cranstons to find out about her existence.

Evelyn, Cordy’s mother, inherited her flair for fashion design from Martha, Cordy’s grandmother.
However, Martha died very early, and though Evelyn’s talent was discovered at a young age, the
Cranstons forbade Evelyn from studying it further. That may be the reason Evelyn left the Cranstons,
cutting all ties with them in the cleanest way possible.

Cordy never understood that. Why would Evelyn hide herself and Cordy after leaving the Cranstons?
She should be

flaunting that she could do well on her own even after leaving.

There were so many questions, but she couldn’t ask her mother now.

When Jesse came to Cordy, she wasn’t cold enough to show him the door when she saw how old and
sincere he was. However, she made it very clear that she would never return to Cranston House after

her mother left.

Even so, blood was thicker than water-even Jesse regretted his actions and admitted his mistakes.
Cordy had no say about the grievances of her elders, so her stance was that she would acknowledge
that she was a Cranston, but she would still stay away from Cranston House while requesting they not
announce her identity to the public.

Jesse agreed to everything, but that was also why Sean would always bring her here to see Jesse
whenever she visited the capital.

Since the entire Cranston extended family stayed together at Cranston House, Cordy had to deal with
all of them whenever she returned.

Although she didn’t like it, she was mature enough to show some basic manners.

She greeted everyone, and then Jesse kindly beckoned her to sit by his side.

Cordy could feel that Jesse was very nice to her, and even heard that Jesse used to spoil Evelyn to bits
since she was his only daughter.

That further begs the question-what caused such a terrible argument between Evelyn and Jesse?

Was there some sort of unspeakable secret involved?

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