Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 594

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When they arrived outside Platinum Club, Cordy alighted. Sean told her. “Call me anytime you need
me. I’d be on standby 24/7 as long as you’re in the capital.”

“Why are you being this nice?” Cordy blurted, unable to help herself.

Most of the time, she could accept things as they were-or to put it bluntly, she didn’t regard it with that
much importance.

In other words, she was fine with however Sean would treat her.

And yet, her curiosity suddenly got the better of her.

Sean was in turn silent for a couple seconds before replying nonchalantly, “It’s my first impression of
you, I guess. You looked affable when I first laid eyes on you.”

Cordy was speechless, but she would give a perfect score to that answer which answers nothing.

The Cranstons were certainly as sly as foxes.

“Drive safe,” she told him politely.

Sean smiled, and drove away.

He was being honest, but Cordy was obviously skeptical.

However, her Aunt Evelyn may have played a huge role in that impression too. She had been kind to
him when he was a child.

It was a pity they could never meet again.

Cordy headed right inside Platinum Club, where Maron was waiting.

He was returning abroad tomorrow; after the unpleasant dinner last night, he decided to make time for
Cordy over tea.

As Cordy strode into the WIP room, she paused.

She had the impulse to turn and leave when she saw Lucas inside-she had assumed Maron wouldn’t
try to get them in the same room again after their disagreement last night.

“Lovely,” Maron greeted Cordy warmly when she arrived.” Things ended unpleasantly during dinner last
night with some misunderstanding, so I brought Lucas here to clear the air.”

Cordy glanced at Lucas, who stayed in his seat and took a sip of his coffee, completely ignoring her.

“There’s no misunderstanding,” Cordy said, and didn’t leave like she did yesterday since it was

Maron rarely visited the capital; she should do her best to play nice instead of dropping her manners
because of a despicable man.

It was completely unnecessary.

“It’s just that we don’t sit well with each other,” she added.” But that’s fine. I’ll bear with it since it’s not
often we need it.”

Cordy’s words were plenty clear-things would still remain hostile between her and Lucas, but she had
enough respect for Maron to stay in the same room with him.

Maron rubbed his nose, feeling slightly awkward.

He knew Cordy wasn’t a bad person, and she normally wouldn’t go that far if she didn’t hate a person.

He was simply being kind; he had a nagging feeling that Lucas would ultimately regret his discord with
Cordy since connections were vital for business.

Judging from Cordy’s reaction, however, Maron knew full well that he would be crossing a line if he
spoke any further.

As such, he did not, and simply invited her to sit down with them.

Cordy ordered a cup of black coffee, mostly to reinvigorate herself.

She went through an entire night without sleep, so she felt mushy and utterly drained.

“Don’t you feel hot?” Maron suddenly asked, staring at her down coat.

Before Cordy could answer, he realized with a start and exclaimed excitedly, “That’s a matching set
with Lucas! Isn’t that right, Lucas?’

Lucas kept his gaze lowered as he drank his coffee, remaining neutral towards Cordy since she
entered the room.

Without looking up, he muttered, “Yeah.”

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