Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 595

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Cordy was suddenly very angry.

Strangely enough, she couldn’t control her own temper when it came to Lucas.

“Why did you buy it?” she demanded.

Lucas smirked as he looked up at her. “You’re such a funny person. I have my own freedom in deciding
the clothes I would like to buy—or maybe you’re suggesting I should ask for your opinion first?’

“You knew I bought the same design.”

“That’s your business. What does that have to do with me?” Lucas’s smirk widened. “I liked it, so I
bought it. As for your opinion, Miss Sachs, I’m sorry, but we’re not that close that your feelings are
within my consideration.”

Cordy bit her lip, livid.

However, she had no comeback against Lucas’ words.

And did he really grow up abroad? Why was his Zidonian so fluent?!

“That just means you both share the same standards,” Maron said, quickly trying to calm things down.
“You two really are frontliners in fashion-1 agree that the design of that coat is good, and I was just
talking to Lucas about it.”

Cordy pursed his lips and calmed herself.

She quietly took a sip of her coffee, repeatedly telling herself that she shouldn’t damage her health over
a man like Lucas.

It wasn’t worth it!

“By the way, Lovely, there will be another fashion show abroad in the latter half of the year,” Maron
said. “Every world famous designer will be taking part, but are you interested? It’s been a while since
you made something, and plenty of people are looking forward to it. How about it? Make some
preparations ahead of the show?”

“When would that be?”

“Around June.”

“Alright. I have plenty of time to prepare.”

“I’ll take that for a yes?”


“Would you be going there yourself? I’ll receive you when you arrive.”

“Sure, if nothing else comes up at the time.”

“You really should leave the house more often,” Maron told her. “I don’t know what happened to you in
the past couple years, but I just had this feeling that you’re not doing well. Of course, I’m not doubting
your abilities as a designer, but mainly because of your health… How do I put it? Your spirit has been

“Yeah,” Cordy replied flatly, but didn’t elaborate.

She didn’t tell Maron about John to spare herself from reliving the agony she didn’t want to remember,
and out in the open at that.

The three of them stayed in that private room for over two hours.

Maron turned down Cordy’s invitation to dinner, since he still had an afterparty to attend. It was
supposed to be right after the fashion show, but he allowed the staff to rest for the night in
consideration that they were probably exhausted.

He asked Cordy to join him at the afterparty, but she refused since she disliked crowded places.
Moreover, she was unquestionably under the weather.

Maron insisted on escorting Cordy back to her hotel since it was still early. Asking Sean for a ride would
be too much of a hassle, so Cordy went along with it.

She and Lucas sat in the back in silence; they didn’t even look at each other’s way.

Cordy alighted after arriving at the hotel.

Lucas didn’t do the same since he was attending the afterparty with Maron, so Cordy simply waved
Maron goodbye before entering the hotel.

Once inside, she dropped her strong front—in reality, she was feeling a throbbing headache, while her
body was burning and incredibly sensitive to the cold.

She walked to the front desk receptionist and said, “I think I’m having a cold and a headache. Please
deliver some medicine to my room.’’

“Of course. Miss Sachs, correct? From room 666?’


“Alright. I’ll have our in-house doctor prescribe you something for your symptoms before sending it to
your room.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Cordy returned to her hotel room after that.

Out of habit, she would usually take a shower after going out. However, she didn’t have the strength
and was worried she would faint in the washroom.

She took off her down coat and pushed herself to change into casuals, before pulling her blanket over
herself in bed.

Even with the blanket, she still felt very cold.

Plus, she was in a bad mood —she really wanted to punch Lucas, since he was the reason she fell sick
in the first place.

Then, she vaguely heard the doorbell rang; she pushed herself with considerable effort and went to
open the door.

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