Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 601

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Lucas’s phone started ringing, and he answered it.

After a simple exchange, he got to his feet and headed outside the ward.

Cordy looked up at him, about to ask if he was going to leave -there was no way he’d be that nice and
stay with her in the ward for an entire night.

However, she didn’t ask her question since she saw that he really was in a rush.

Whatever-they were ultimately strangers, and he could do anything he liked.

Cordy shifted her posture as she read her phone.

She basically slept after fainting and catching a high fever, and wasn’t sleepy at all now-it could be yet
another sleepless night.

Nonetheless, she tapped on her news app. She scrolled through the business section and found
nothing of note, and then turned to the entertainment section.

It turned out that Lucas actually made headlines since a lot of people were mesmerized by his good
looks, with many fangirls commenting their infatuation on the article.

Cordy wondered how many of them would give up if they knew how terrible the man was in private.

Still, she was engrossed in reading when the door to her ward suddenly opened; she looked up to see
Lucas carrying two large bags into her ward.

She was startled, since she thought he had long left.

“What are you doing here?” she blurted.

Lucas rolled his eyes at her, scowling; as if to say that he wouldn’t be here if he could leave.

Cordy smiled ever so subtly, actually surprised that he could be so compliant.

It was common sense that hospitals couldn’t force anyone to keep patients company, and her life
wasn’t in danger.

She had no intention of telling Lucas that, though.

Just as Lucas put down the two large bags on the tea-table nearby, Cordy spotted a pair of men’s

Hold on, how long is he going to stay here?!

Lucas took out a set of undergarments, brandishing it at her as he asked, “Do you want these?”

“D-Did you ask someone to buy those?” she asked.

“Might as well,” he said casually.

Cordy was actually a little uncomfortable with the undergarments she was wearing, since she hadn’t
changed out of them after her shower just now.

She didn’t refuse to save face, though, since he was going

to be unhappy with whatever she did anyway.

“I want it.”

“Then take it yourself. Or did you expect me to hand it to you?” Lucas snapped, his tone hostile.

Cordy took a deep breath, and told herself not to get petty with him.

After all, he was 26-three years younger than she was. And since women were often said to be three
years older than men psychologically, there was no way she would get petty with a brat six years
younger than her!

She got up, took the undergarments, and headed straight to the bathroom to get changed.

It actually fit, too-the man certainly had a good eye.

As she looked at her reflection in the mirror, however, she started to blush-she remembered the
accident last night, where Lucas saw her buck naked.

And that was why he knew her measurements.

When Cordy left the bathroom, she saw that Lucas had taken out everything from the two large bags
and piled them into a little hill.

This man really refused to compromise with anything.

“Don’t you want to eat?” he suddenly asked.


“Here, chicken soup. That’s the only thing they have at this hour—take it or leave it.”

As he spoke, he put the bowl on the tea table nearby, then headed to the bathroom with his newly
bought pajamas and boxers.

Cordy watched as he left. Despite his sharp tongue, it seemed he wasn’t that horrible as a person.

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