Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 602

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Cordy walked towards the tea table and picked up the bowl of chicken soup, which was still warm.

She just happened to desire something warm and filling like this, but she left half of it.

She wasn’t sure if Lucas had eaten, but she definitely wasn’t finishing such a huge bowl on her own.

She was still taking sips of the soup when Lucas stepped out of the bathroom, clad in expensive dark-
green silk pajamas.

Cordy had to admit that he had the looks to scorn the world, and somehow understood his disdain for

She smiled ever so subtly-it turned out that in this world, people were fundamentally skin-deep.

“I saved half the soup for you. Do you want it?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he replied, and walked up to her side.

There was still steam swirling around him; he must’ve bought his own soap as well, since he smelled

Cordy shifted aside since both of them didn’t like to get too close with each other, though she must also
acknowledge that he was a looker.

However, her movements left him frowning, and he snorted in disdain-as if she was doing it deliberately
to draw his attention.

Cordy was speechless.

She would admit that he was handsome, but that didn’t mean she would throw herself at him like every
other woman would! In fact, she was maintaining her distance from him entirely because she was not

The ward was quiet, and Cordy soon finished her portion since she had the soup first.

Then, she threw the disposable spoon into the bin and returned to her bed.

As she lay down, she noticed that Lucas was still in his pajamas.

The hospital was warm, but he was really dressed too thin. At this point, Cordy was traumatized after
that terrible cold she had.

She wanted to tell him several times, but he seemed to have an instinctive wariness towards her and
would consider anything she said to be an attempt at seduction.

Suddenly, without batting an eye, he snapped with a hostile tone, “Just spit it already!”

Does he have a third eye growing somewhere?!

Nonetheless, her heart abruptly stopped. She felt a stabbing pain as she remembered John for a split

John was always able to read her intentions in the same way.

But this man wasn’t John, even if he resembled John remarkably.

Cordy calmed herself, and said bluntly, “You should put on more clothes. It’s cold.”

As Lucas looked up at her, she added, “Do whatever you want. I’d just rather we didn’t infect each

Lucas said nothing, but he suddenly picked up the down coat he placed beside him and put it on.

For once, he wasn’t mocking her or snapping at her for trying to seduce him.

After supper, Lucas cleaned the room a little. Cordy realized that he was a clean freak with a tinge of

He spent some time sorting her hospital admission documents, and even more time on the things he
had bought.

At around two in the morning, he lay down on the bed prepared for him and turned the lights in the
ward to the dimmest.

Cordy put away her phone, knowing that she would have less chance of falling asleep if she kept
looking at it.

“I’m telling you, don’t think you can do anything you like to me just because we’re sleeping in the same
room,” he warned amidst the darkness.

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you,” she snapped in retort.

“You better not be.”

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