Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 605

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Lucas froze, caught by complete surprise.

Cordy actually kissed him!

His heart skipped a beat.

What was he thinking?! He was letting a stranger do whatever she wanted with his body!

His eyes narrowed, all the sentiment in his eyes vaporizing and leaving only coldness.

He had no intentions of sparing Cordy, and so he opened his mouth and bit her heavily on the lips.


The woman who had been so intent on kissing him for one moment, had her eyes welling with tears the

She looked at him, miserably and pitifully.

She was at once tender yet seductive, innocent but passionate.

“Goddamn succubus,” Lucas muttered under his breath.

She could tug at a man’s heartstrings, even though she was just withstanding the pain he gave her.

Nonetheless, he pushed her away firmly, only to be given a clear view of her delicate expression; her
crystalline lips that were now painted red with blood.

It was such an alluring sight that no man could resist it. For some reason, Lucas was getting upset.

He wasn’t supposed to be subject to such temptation by a woman in this existence, and he simply
couldn’t accept that he was losing control over himself because of her.

Even his own girlfriend never got his justices flowing like this!

He pinched her lips; she didn’t resist, instead looking at him with those misty, tantalizing eyes of hers.

Because he was being rough, her little lips were puckered. It actually made her look all the more

Lucas ignored all the things that made her look attractive; his fingers brushed viciously over her mouth,
clearing all the blood that made her lips look so attractive.

Cordy was frowning, her eyes glimmering with tears.

She couldn’t speak with Lucas restraining him, but it was clear from her reaction that it hurt, and her
lips burned.

Once Lucas was done venting her frustration, he realized that her lips had become even redder and
was swelling because of him, which only made her look even more alluring.


He released her and shoved her a little roughly back to her bed, while he returned to his own. He was

He decided he would never go to her-not even if she cried herself to death!

The night was silent once more; Cordy lay in bed for a long time until she abruptly jolted awake.

Her tears kept rolling down her cheeks.

Was she dreaming?

But it felt so real…especially when she embraced John and kissed him!

She touched her lips.

It hurt a little; the sensation made her doubt that everything had been a dream, even though she saw
John in it.

She turned around, and saw the man sleeping in the other bed.

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