Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 609

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Patrick’s text popped up right then.

[Where are you, Cordy?]

[Why were you unconscious?!]

[The staff at your hotel informed me that you were taken to the hospital last night! What happened?]

Cordy could sense Patrick’s agitation from his rapid-fire questions.

She texted back: [I’m at the hospital right now because I had a serious fever yesterday. I’m fine now.]

[Which hospital? I’ll be right there.]

[I’m getting discharged now.]

[I’ll give you a ride.]

[I’m going back to North City right after.]

[I happen to be going there too. I’ll come with you.]

Cordy was speechless-the man really stuck to her like a bubble gum. He sent her yet another clingy
text: [Just let me come to you, Cordy. I’m worried if you’re going alone.]

Cordy finally gave in. [Are you done with your business here?]

She had no idea why Patrick came to the capital, and actually had the feeling that he might have come
to meet her and watch the exhibition in passing. Still, she remembered that Patrick was your

stereotypical politician; he would definitely try to socialize with some notable individuals in the city since
he was here anyway.

The capital was the font of political power in the country, so he definitely would not waste a trip like this.

His reply was once again quick. [Yeah, I’m done here.]

[Wait for me at the hotel. I’m heading over to pick up my stuff once I’m discharged.]

Patrick played the sympathy card. [But I didn’t get a room at your hotel since you asked me to wait at
the lobby. I’m also tipsy after a social call last night…]

[My room is 666. Call me when you get there, and pick up my room card to wait there.]


He agreed to it very quickly, though that was his plan all along anyway.

Cordy was used to his little schemes, since no pushover could keep their job in politics.

In the afternoon, the nurse returned with Cordy’s test results.

Aside from the cold, Cordy also had suffered from a common viral infection, leading to her high fever.
However, since she was an adult and had better immunity than children, she managed to recover
quickly without much chance of a relapse.

In other words, she could be discharged.

Cordy thanked the nurse. Since she was mostly fine now, she could handle the paperwork for getting

Meanwhile, Lucas was still sleeping like a log, even snoring faintly.

Just as Cordy was done with the paperwork and was returning to her ward, she ran headlong into a
man, slamming her nose directly into his pectorals.

“Ow!” Her nose swelled immediately.

Those muscles were much too hard! Why would he train himself to such an extent?! Did his girlfriend
feel comfortable leaning on those?

Hold on, it did feel good… At the very least, she slept well when she leaned on them last night.

However, it still didn’t stop her from despising him.

“What are you doing?” Cordy asked Lucas, her eyes and nose red-nothing good ever came whenever
he was in the vicinity!

Lucas was actually furious too, but he suddenly found Cordy’s red nose quite cute, and his temper
deflated somewhat.

Even his voice was quieter. “Watch where you’re going.”

“Look who’s talking!” Cordy retorted. “You suddenly rushed out, almost sending me flying!”

“You’re not that weak,” Lucas said bluntly.

“How am I not? I’m a frail, delicate girl!” Cordy snapped indignantly.

She certainly couldn’t understand it—be it Patrick or Sean, other men would consider her one who
needed protection. They even described her as the type who’d fall into pieces from a single touch.

But somehow, Lucas considers her invincible!

“Frail?” Lucas chuckled, as if she was joking. “You weren’t that frail when you kissed me last night!”

Cordy’s eyes widened.

“I knew you’d deny it,” Lucas continued with a ’thought-so’ look on his face. “Whatever. I’ll just pretend
a dog bit me.” “…You’re the dog here!” Cordy snapped, incensed.

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