Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 614

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Patrick shrugged. “I’m just telling you. Don’t upset Cordy, or I won’t be kind.”

“You’re nuts,” Lucas snapped, and put on his headset and eye mask for some shut-eye.

Patrick smiled evilly in turn.

Did Lucas think Patrick would not be able to mess with him?!

That said, the man does look good. Even as he took a nap, huffing, he’s a little…

‘Alright, let’s stop there.’

Patrick turned his eyes away right then.

Right now, he loved Cordy more.

Their flight arrived at the airport after two hours, and Cordy left with Patrick first.

Lucas was behind them, but once Cordy and Patrick got out of the airport, they left right away.

Cordy was convinced that they would never see each other again, especially since North City was a big

In the capital, they had an intermediary in Maron and happened to stay at the same hotel. It was why
they seemed inseparable.

On the other hand, she would never stay at a hotel in North City, and since they did not have anything
connecting them, they definitely would not see each other.

And it certainly was how things turned out-a week after Cordy returned to North City, she never saw
Lucas again and almost forgot all about him.

That is, aside from when she had trouble sleeping.

On such occasions, when the night was dead silent, she would remember how soundly she slept in
Lucas’ arms.

Despite feeling an impulse then, she certainly knew she should not go so far as to rush to Lucas and
ask him to warm her bed.

Even so, she yearned for that rare occasion of deep sleep ever so slightly.

A week later, Cordy made time to bring Richard with her to Levine Manor.

Nancy Levine had been friendly and eager to please toward her over the years.

After all, Richard was in her care, and Nancy was in turn close with the boy, which was why she would
play nice with Cordy. Moreover, Cordy was the only one John ever loved, and now that he was gone,
Nancy would like to take care of Cordy in his place. 1

Even so, Cordy remained distant toward Nancy.

Nancy was certainly no villain and was as cultured as she was refined.

Cordy’s gripe with Nancy was with how she treated Zoe York, and it was so horrifically radical that it
was the reason Cordy could not warm up to her.

But in the end, Richard was a Levine, and since Nancy was blood-related to him, Cordy was not about
to sever that connection.

That was why she would usually respond to Nancy’s invitations.

Jay Parker was there when they arrived at Levine Manor-he was not staying there, but would return
whenever the Levines gathered.

Meanwhile, Alan Levine-Richard’s great grandfather-had died just last year to cerebral hemorrhage.

It was certainly sudden.

Neither Nancy nor Jay could take the news. Even Cordy herself was left in disbelief at the time.

Whatever the case might be, the Levines’ fortunes in certain years had certainly been caught in a
downward spiral.

Nonetheless, Nancy was now the eldest member of the family, and she had really been eager and
working hard to bring everyone together.

“Dicky,’ Nancy exclaimed as she gave Richard a bear hug. “I missed you so much! Did you miss me?’

“Yes,’ Richard replied politely. “I missed you too.”

“It’s been a while, you’ve sprouted again! How tall are you now?” Nancy was certainly warm toward

“Five feet two the last time I checked.”

“No way! You’re taller than that,” Nancy said, comparing himself to the boy then.

“I don’t know, but Mommy’s been saying that I had a growth spurt too.”

“You’d be taller than me the next time we meet.’

“Of course Dicky would be taller than you, Mom. He’s a boy,” Cora quickly added.

With that, both women started having a lively chat as they flanked Richard, creating a jovial
atmosphere in the house.

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