Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 612

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Cordy denied it right then. “Nope.’

John’s personality was not as rotten as his.

“Yeah, I thought so too.” Patrick sighed in relief then. “At least you won’t hook up with him and dump
me because of who he looks like.”

“I would never,’ Cordy said bluntly—that was never going to happen.

With that, Cordy and Patrick returned to her room and had lunch together before getting in the hotel’s
car to get to the airport.

They both had first-class tickets, but Cordy was not sitting with Patrick because their tickets were not
booked together.

Patrick waited for the one who would sit with Cordy so that he could ask to trade seats.

However, both him and Cordy were stunned when they saw who it was.

It had to be the mother of all coincidences!

Naturally, it was none other than Lucas.

Why on earth would he go to North City instead of staying at the capital?

Cordy actually wondered if he was tailing her.

On the other hand, Lucas’s expression darkened when he saw Cordy as well, looking clearly upset.

Cordy really wanted to snap at him vulgarly right then.

Who should be getting upset here, when he was the one relentlessly stalking her?!

“I bought my ticket before you did,” she said bluntly before he could say a word. “So what are you up to
here, Mr. Lynch?!”

Lucas rolled his eyes at her and whipped out his phone to show him his ticket receipt. “See there? I
bought mine ten days ago!’

Cordy was left blinking, staring speechlessly at the date of the receipt.

“Get it now?” He snorted and scoffed darkly, “So, how many does this make —three-timing?”

Cordy was taken aback, not quite understanding what he meant… but she soon did.

Lucas was now dead-sure that she was two-timing Sean with Patrick and that she was now trying to
hook up with him too!

Either way, she was rotten in his perspective!

Cordy promptly whipped out her phone and showed him her chat conversation with Randy. “See here?!
My assistant booked my ticket. I never knew you’re taking this flight to North City too!’

“Hmph.” Lucas snorted, clearly skeptical.

Cordy gritted her teeth, having no intent to keep arguing with Lucas since he was not going to believe
anything she said anyway.

Pointing at Patrick behind them, she said, “Since it hurts you to sit with me, then you could trade seats
with my friend.’

Patrick did not hear what they were saying, since they were keeping their voices lowered while on the
plane, so that they would not disturb the other passengers.

Still, Patrick grinned broadly when he saw Lucas turning toward him, flashing his large white teeth and
looking plenty affable.

Lucas’ glance was in turn scornful, and he planted himself on the seat beside Cordy, scoffing. ‘Change
your seat if you want. I’m not changing mine!’

“I thought you didn’t want to see me?’ Cordy was growling through her teeth, just stopping short of

“Exactly. Which is why you should leave right now,” Lucas said, as if it was only natural.

Cordy inhaled deeply and told herself not to get petty with him-let alone act uncivilized in front of so
many people.

She got up, walked over to Patrick’s seat and asked the passenger sitting beside Patrick, ‘Excuse me,
but would you mind changing seats with me? He’s my friend.” “Sorry, but I’m not used to changing
seats.” The man refused summarily and promptly closed his eyes, leaving no grounds for discussion.

Patrick frowned. “Did that scumbag refuse to change seats?”

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