Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 617

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Richard asked curiously from the backseat, “Mommy? Who was that?’ “Nobody important,” Cordy
replied flatly.

“But he just said that you’re the only person he knows in North City.”

“Impossible.” Cordy was utterly skeptical.

How was he able to stay in North City for a whole week if that was the case?

“I don’t think he’s lying,” Richard said seriously then.

Cordy frowned slightly in turn-her son usually never pried into other people’s affairs.

In fact, over the last three years, she slowly noticed that Richard’s personality was different from what
she previously imagined. While he may be sweet, energetic, talkative, and adorable when around her,
he was indifferent toward people who were not close to him.

Whenever she sent Richard to school herself, she would notice many girls sliding peeks of infatuation
at him, but they would never get close.

Later on, she spoke to a class teacher about it, and only then did she find out that Richard was dubbed
the Ice Prince, since he basically never spoke to anyone else.

Cordy thought that he was suffering psychologically because of John’s death, and she spoke to
Richard about it. Richard in turn confessed that this was how he always had been, and that he behaved
a little differently when he helped John woo her. However, he insisted that it did not hurt him -that he
had a bond with her that made him eager to express himself.

Now, however, Richard was suddenly interested in a person other than her. “Do you think I should help
him?” Cordy asked Richard just then, since she would not want Richard to think her cold and

Richard shook his head and said earnestly, “I don’t know. I just think that he’s a little sympathetic.”

Cordy hesitated for a moment before saying, ‘Well, I guess I can bail him out for my son’s sake.”

“Would it be troublesome for you. Mommy?”

“Nope-it’s no effort at all. We’d be going home late, though. Do you mind?”


Cordy nodded and called the unfamiliar number again via the in-car Bluetooth.

Lucas said nothing, probably furious at the moment.

Cordy sincerely thought that Lucas should learn basic manners and timing -did he not understand that
beggars could not be choosers?

Still, Cordy did not get petty for his son’s sake. “Which precinct?”

“South Hill Street Precinct.”

Cordy hung up right then and drove toward that street guided by the car’s navigation system.

It was a little far, and since she was extra careful because Richard was in the car, they only arrived an
hour later.

As Cordy entered, she found Lucas sitting inside, his face slightly bruised but it was otherwise nothing

Even if he looked a little haggard, there was an indescribable ruggedness to him.

In terms of looks alone, he was outstanding.

Naturally, Cordy would only be bewitched by his good looks for just a couple seconds.

After all, whoever looking into Lucas’ eyes would see the deeply entrenched pride within and that he
rarely submitted to anyone.

And he certainly was not reacting well to Cordy’s presence, even looking like he owned the place.

Cordy did not drag her feet either. Richard was waiting for her in the car, and she would be worried if
she had to make him wait for too long.

Quickly making her way to Lucas, she asked, “What happened?”

“Bar fight.”

“Are you his girlfriend?” a man sitting beside him asked in agitation, and it was only then that Cordy
noticed him.

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